My Top 5 Favorites To Win This Year’s Money In The Bank

by Apr 26, 20160 comments

Money In the Bank is one of the most influential Pay Per Views of the WWE calendar year. You are almost guaranteed the WWE Championship(Unless of course you are Damien Sandow). And WWE can’t just have any average joe win the briefcase.

So, Of course, I am here today to name 5 SuperStars worthy of winning the MITB!

5. Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose has always been one of the most entertaining characters in WWE. From being a member of the Shield to the solo Lunatic Fringe, he’s always had the support of the WWE Universe. He is the only member of the Shield to have not held a WWE Championship, Seth Rollins has, Roman Reigns has, it should be time for the quite possibility most well liked of the three to win Money in the Bank and then the WWE Championship. He has proven to be a good champion while he was United States Champion and Intercontinental champion. His runs were entertaining and well booked by WWE Creative, so I believe it could be time for Dean Ambrose to get the push he deserves.

4. Sami Zayn


Sami Zayn, AKA the second most likeable man on the planet behind Daniel Bryan has seemed to be not necessarily getting a push but consistently being involved in big matches with for example Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, and Dean Ambrose. The WWE obviously can tell that he is a fan favorite and all around one of the best wrestlers in WWE today. People would not only love to see a babyface win Money in the Bank for once but he would probably be the most exciting and well liked briefcase holder in history

3. AJ Styles

aj styles

Before you complain about AJ only being #3 on my list, hear me out… I want AJ to get his push with the Bullet Club vs. Shield storyline that I dream of. But that storyline is very unlikely, so hopefully if not that storyline we could get a Mr. Money in the Bank AJ Styles. Everyone wants to see him as WWE Champion, he is an amazing wrestler, great on the mic and can make any feud look interesting. All fans would love to see a WWE Champion in AJ Styles, that is if he can’t get the title at PayBack.

2. Cesaro


Cesaro has so many things looking up for him. He is insanely over with the fans, nearly as much as the Internet sweetheart himself AJ Styles! He is looking to be getting the Intercontinental Championship at Payback unless of course there is interference from Maryse, then obviously The Miz vs Cesaro feud would last just a bit longer. And his return has looked like he is getting a bit of a push. Most fans would love to see the Swiss Superman as Mr. Money in the Bank so he can finally claim that World Heavyweight Championship he has always deserved.

1. Kevin Owens


Kevin Owens is one of the best wrestlers, sellers, talkers in WWE. Right now Kevin Owens is in a feud with Sami Zayn, and that feud is looking great, it looks like he is gonna be getting title shots eventually. He is getting a slow build up, but despite this, everything is looking up for Kevin, he is a heel and for the past three years a heel has won Money in the Bank, he is in a feud with another man on this list who has things looking up for him, Sami Zayn, and although he lost his title at WrestleMania, he has never slumped down into the lower card, as he still main events Raw weekly and has key roles in matches on SmackDown.

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