WWE returns to pay-per-view this Sunday for Payback. Payback will forever be known as the pay-per-view where the Shield clean sweeped Evolution. Last year’s Payback was also the last time the Shield was together. Now they’re all in this year’s main event gunning for the WWE title. From top to bottom this should be a solid outing for WWE. Here are my predictions for the show.

Kickoff Pre-show
Curtis Axel & ‘Macho Mandow’ vs. The Ascension

20150511_payback_EP_LIGHT_kickoff-hp1source: wwe.com

This match has been dubbed Mega Powers versus LOD. I’m sure this match will be entertaining with Axel trying to be Hogan and Sandow acting like Macho. I just feel bad for the Ascension. They were the presented as this bad ass wrecking machine team in NXT and now they’re lucky if they get a pre-show match. I still like the Ascension, but the creative team needs to do something quick to return them back to badass status. I believe that Axelmania and the Mandow Madness will run wild all over the Ascension and pick up the win. Sorry Konor and Viktor.

WWE Tag Title Match – 2 Out Of 3 Falls
Cesaro and Tyson Kidd vs. New Day

20150426_payback_EP_LIGHT_match-HP_2-3fallssource: wwe.com

These teams’ first encounter at Extreme Rules was one of the best matches on the show and I see them as contenders for stealing the show at Payback. The New Day heel turn has been great for television and has helped bring some attention to the tag division. I think it would be hilarious if, after the first fall, New Day switches out one of the two that started the match. If the match goes for all 3 falls then they should try to switch members every time to try to get an advantage over Kidd and Cesaro. With The New Day heel run just picking up the momentum, I don’t see them losing this match. New Day will outsmart Cesaro and Kidd and barely escape with the titles.

Ryback vs. Bray Wyatt

Resultssource: wwe.com

I’m a huge fan of Ryback. I know it might not be the “cool” thing to like Ryback, but there’s just something about him that gets me pumped up every time he comes out. I think Ryback could be a great choice to win the vacant Intercontinental title. WWE is always looking for the next big babyface it seems they don’t hear the reaction that Ryback gets every time he comes out. They’ve continuously dropped the ball with him since his loss to Mark Henry at Wrestlemania 29. Another guy that’s been misused is Bray Wyatt. Wyatt is a great talker, but at this point do we even care what he has to say anymore? Every week he cuts these long winded promos which really don’t build to anything. At this point, I feel like the creative time is just making him cut promos because he can. I feel like both of these guys desperately need a win here. With the recent reuniting of Harper and Rowan, I see both of them returning to help Bray and reform the Wyatt Family. Ryback will find by disqualification, but the Wyatt Family will have the last laugh.

Tamina Snuka and Naomi vs. The Bella Twins

20150426_payback_EP_LIGHT_match-HP_divastagsource: wwe.com

You know what time it is. Time for me to tell you how awesome Nikki Bella is! Whether you love or hate Nikki you have to respect her. She’s always improving and continuing to hone her craft. She doesn’t need to do hurricanranas and suicide dives to be great. I still find it weird that the Bellas have slowly turned back into babyfaces, but I am digging heel, Naomi. I see the new alliance of Naomi and Tamina beating the Bellas, which will set up a Diva’s title match at Elimination Chamber. I would put the belt on Namoi at Chamber and have a returning Paige start a program with her.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus

20150426_payback_EP_LIGHT_match-HP_zigglersheamussource: wwe.com

Sheamus and Ziggler had a solid outing at Extreme Rules and this should be good too especially since there’s no arse kissing involved. Despite being in the middle of a heel push Sheamus has taken more losses over the last few weeks that I would expect. Even though he was standing tall Ziggler got the win at Extreme Rules. Sheamus will somehow pull off the win is this match and will more than likely be one of the six men competing for the vacant Intercontinental title at Elimination Chamber.

King Barrett vs. Neville

20150426_payback_EP_LIGHT_match-HP_wadenevillesource: wwe.com

There were a lot of critics who said Neville would not get over with the main roster crowds. Well, he is proving them wrong every week. Whether he wins or losses Neville has been some of the best matches every week. It seemed like he was destined to win the King of the Ring tournament. When you thin about it though, Barrett really needed the King Gimmick. His Bad News gimmick was getting the plugged pull because it was getting him over as a babyface. The King gimmick could be the thing that finally elevates Barrett back up to main event status. This is another match where both men desperately need the win. I’m predicting Barrett getting the win by hitting Neville with his scepter behind the ref’s back.

U.S. Title Match – I Quit Match
John Cena vs. Rusev

20150426_payback_EP_LIGHT_match-HP_cenarusevsource: wwe.com

I can’t believe this rivalry has been dragged out for four months. I liked the feud when it started but, I feel like it should have ended at Extreme Rules. Also instead of having the Russian Strap Match they should have had the I Quit Match at Extreme Rules. I have a really hard time seeing John Cena losing an I Quit Match. At the same time, Rusev shouldn’t take a third consecutive loss to Cena on pay-per-view. After Rusev was playing that video of Cena saying “I quit” on Smackdown, it makes me think her’s going to pull a Rock and have that recording of Cena saying “I Quit” play when he holds the microphone towards Cena. I can also see Rusev using Lana somehow to get Cena to quit.

WWE Title Match – Fatal 4 Way
Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns

20150402_LIGHT_ER_Match_HP_source: wwe.com

A lot of people want Orton out of this match so we can have the long awaited Shield Triple Threat. I think they should hold off on the Shield Triple Threat until Wrestlemania 32. I think it would smart booking to keep the title on Rollins until Brock returns. By hook or by crook Rollins will leave Payback as the WWE Champion. There are several theories as to how he’s going to win. There are a lot of sites saying that Ambrose is going to turn heel and help Rollins win. I don’t think that’s the right call. I think Rollins needs to stay babyface and win the Money In The Bank and challenge Rollins down the road for the title one on one. After all, they’ve been through I don’t think it makes sense so soon for Ambrose to turn. Some fans want to see a Shield reunion to help Rollins retain. Which would probably be worse than Ambrose turning a heel.


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