After Monday’s Raw Paige was interviewed by Stone Cold Steve Austin on a Live Stone Cold Podcast on the WWE Network. Here are 5 takeaways from the interview.

1. Paige is a 10 Year Veteran

If you’re not a hardcore wrestling fan you might not have known that despite being 23 Paige has been in the wrestling business for 10 years. Paige comes from the infamous wrestling Knight Family in England.  During the interview, Paige talks about how her family has been in the business and her father has his own company and training school. Her mother was blinded for 6 months after taking a dropkick one time. She tells a story about getting knocked out in her first match and wanted to do it forever from that moment on. She talks about training with her whole family. She says even in the matches she had with her family, they did not hold back on her and went at her even harder. She says she’s been taking bumps since she was a fetus.

2. Paige was a Bartender and Bouncer


Things are definitely different across the pond. At the age of 14 Paige was bartending and believe it or not she was also a bouncer. She told several stories of having to get physical with customers in the bar.

3. First WWE Tryout

Austin asks about failing at her first WWE tryout. Paige says tried to be a “Diva”. She says she still can’t brush her hair properly. She got a spray tan, her hair done and a colorful dress and says she did not feel confident. She says she was so nervous she busted the other girl’s lip in the tryout, Lisa Fury. She knew WWE could tell she wasn’t being herself. John Laurinaitis got another tryout for her 6 months later and she came back as the Paige we all know and love.

4. Diva Revolution

Paige says the whole Divas Revolution really was started by Triple H in NXT.  She talks about how surprised they were when Triple H gave she and Emma 20 minutes at the first NXT special. She says he started it, but her and Emma got the ball rolling. She says they opened the door for other Divas like Charlotte and Bayley, but she gives huge props to trainer Sara Del Rey. She also gives props to Finlay and Dean Malenko, who she goes to a lot these days.

5. Relationship With Dusty


Paige says Dusty Rhodes helped her a lot in NXT. Austin says Dusty was one of the first guys that resonated with him and got him hooked. Paige says Dusty kept her sane at all times.. She says Dusty was very sweet and took her in. She could vent to him about what was going on and Dusty was so helpful. Dusty liked to give attention to his “broken toys” too. Paige says Dusty called her his princess. Austin asks the best advice Dusty ever gave. Paige says Dusty was always telling them to save money. She says she makes good money now and does right with taxes and such, thanks to Dusty. She tells a story about how Dusty yelled at her one time during promo class and she called him a “m-f’er.” She stormed off and Dusty sent another Diva to check on her. Dusty finally came and told her to come out. They talked for around 20 minutes and Dusty just said he wanted the best for her. He wanted her to deliver and that day she didn’t so he critiqued her. Paige says Dusty was so sweet and they laughed about it. He told her she was the first person to call him a “m-f’er” and get away with it.

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