Last night was the first Live With Chris Jericho Podcast on the WWE Network. Jericho interviewed current U.S. Champion, John Cena. Here are 6 takeaways from the interview.

1. Vince Wasn’t Always A Big Cena Fan

Cena tells the story about the first time he met Vince and all Vince worried about was cutting his hair. Jericho and Cena joke about Cena being known as the wacky roll up guy because that was the only finish he had. Cena reveals that his Smackdown debut only happened because The Undertaker had traveling issues and couldn’t make the Smackdown taping. Jericho mentioned that Vince wanted Jericho to go over against Cena at Vengeance. Jericho fought against the decision and wanted to see Cena get pushed. After Cena’s big win, he quickly fell down the card and competed mainly on Velocity (The Sunday Night Heat for Smackdown).

2. Cena Was Not First In His Class

Most smart wrestling fans know that Cena was one of the many stars to come from the 2002 OVW Class, but he wasn’t the top pick to be called up to the main roster. Randy Orton, Batista, and Brock Lesnar were called up the main roster before Cena.

3. Cena Denies Ever Taking PEDs

Jericho asks if Cena ever took any performance enhancing drugs and he says no. Cena says he was fortunate to be around good people in his bodybuilding career. Cena says all his competitions were drug tested. Cena says people always think athletes who are ripped are on steroids, but indicates that’s just how it’s going to be. Cena says he got that big in high school and has been big ever since.

4. Doctor of Thuganomics Was Created on a Bus Ride

Everybody’s favorite incarnation of Cena was his rapper gimmick. Surprisingly, being the Doctor of Thuganomics was not originally in the creative plans for Cena. Cena demonstrated his freestyle skills on a bus ride with other Smackdown stars and officials which lead to the idea of him rapping on TV.

5. There Was Real Heat Between Rock And Cena

This is no surprise to anybody who followed the Cena and Rock rivalry closely knows there was some off the scripts between Cena and Rock. Cena says he wanted it to be Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James, but claims Rock had a different vision. He talks about working with Rock and never caring about what Rock said about him, Cena just was always worried about having a chance to jab back. Cena says Rock was pissed when Cena called him out for having a promo written on his arm. Despite the tension between the two, Cena says it was always kept professional between the two and that’s the one thing he respected the most.

6. There Is A Chance of a Cena Heel Turn

It’s the one thing Cena haters have been clamoring for, a John Cena heel turn. Cena mentions that a heel turn was brought up during the feud with Rock. Cena was excited and states he recorded a new theme and had new gear. Cena says if it happened, he would have thought it was great to show that different side, but it’s so rewarding to be aspirational, to be inspirational. Cena says you might want him to be a bad guy, but the 8-year-old in the front row lights up at who he is now. Cena jokes that he’s the biggest heel in the company with how much he gets booed. Cena would be open to turning heel, but he hopes WWE would have someone ready to be there for the kids.

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You can watch the full interview on the WWE Network. Just a reminder that the WWE Network is free this month for new subscribers. You can subscribe to the WWE Network by clicking here.

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