Last night Triple H was interviewed by Stone Cold Steve Austin on a Live Stone Cold Podcast aired after RAW on the WWE Network. Here are 6 takeaways from the interview:

1. Kayfabe is Dead

Most wrestling fans know that kayfabe has been thrown out the window for the last several years. For any of us in doubt, Stone Cold and Triple H confirmed it in the interview. With the rise of the internet and social media it’s almost possible to keep kayfabe and have storyline surprises. They discuss how hard it is to book in the reality era. Even though we all know there is a storyline we want the story to go the way we want and if it doesn’t we riot, “stop” watching, and “cancel” our subscriptions.

2. Triple H’s Future if He Didn’t Marry Stephanie

The legitimacy of Triple H’s career has always been questioned because of his marriage to the boss’ daughter. Triple H admitted that it used to bother him until a talk with the Undertaker that gave him the right mindset. Austin asks what Triple H’s exit strategy if he didn’t marry Stephanie. Triple H expressed his love for the creative side of the business and believes he still would have some kind of behind the scenes role.

3. NXT is Triple H’s Vision

Throughout the interview NXT was mentioned several times. Triple H really loves working with the young talent in Florida. With NXT Triple H has the final say on what happens and what doesn’t and doesn’t have to fall back to Vince. Austin says he loves the format and loves that there is more wrestling. Triple H says he molds the show off what he would want to watch. He also knows that NXT is for the diehard wrestling fans and gives them what they want. This a very good sign that Triple H listens to the fans and knows what different audiences want.

4. Chyna’s Hall Of Fame Future

Austin asked the question we’ve all wanted to know. Will Chyna ever go into the Hall of Fame? Triple H states that there is no beef with Chyna and from a career stand point she is a Hall of Fame Candidate. He says the flip side is that he has an 8 year old kid… his kid goes on the web to Google Chyna and what comes up? He says he’s not criticizing anyone’s lifestyle choices but it’s the fact of what it is – a difficult choice. It might take a very long time, but, I believe that Chyna should be inducted in the Hall of Fame. The best route to go might be to induct as a part of DX.

5. Thoughts on CM Punk

Austin brings up CM Punk’s comments about him on The Art of Wrestling podcast. Triple H says he has never had a beef with Punk. Triple H says Punk held a grudge over some things not working out. He says Punk is a weird guy and he doesn’t mean that in a bad way. He talks about the hard time he had communicating with Punk. He says people would tell him that Punk is livid and about to quit, but he would go ask what’s wrong and Punk would act calm and say everything is cool. Austin asks if Punk can come back to WWE. Triple H says if the fans want him back and it’s best for business Punk could come back. There’s hope for all the CM Punk fan boys.

6. Brock Lesnar’s Status

There have been rumors for months that Brock Lesnar’s contract expires after WrestleMania 31. Austin asked about the contract status. Triple H says they’re constantly talking to Brock and it comes down to what Brock wants to do. Triple H says maybe Brock feels he has unfinished business somewhere, but they have a good relationship. As much as I hated having a part time champion Brock has become a larger than life star. If I was WWE I would be throwing money at Lesnar to keep him.

Other topics mentioned:

Word association on various past and present WWE stars.

Who Triple H would wrestle from the past.

What Triple H would change about Raw.


Roman Reigns.

Pro Wrestling vs. Sports Entertainment.

Super Bowl 49.

What were your thoughts on this Stone Cold Podcast? Sound off in the comments below.

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