The Social Suplex OGs Jeremy Donovan and Rich Latta are there to review the AEW All Out Results.

Nyla Rose wins the Women’s Casino Royal

Jeremy: I really enjoyed the Women’s Casino Battle Royal. It was so great to see so many of my favorite independent women’s wrestlers featured in this match. Out of all the surprise entrants I was most excited to see Mercedes Martinez. She’s been killing it for years and deserves to be featured on a big stage. She got a huge pop and had her moments in the match. Overall the match had a great pace and they did a great job positioning Nyla Rose as the monster of the division. This battle royal came off much better than the Double or Nothing men’s battle royal. A fun way to kick off the show. ***¼ 

Rich: I was hype for this, and enjoyed seeing a who’s who of who’s not signed up from the US Indies among women. I too lost my damn mind when Mercedes Martinez came out, I’m hoping she has a contract waiting for her. Nyla Rose went coast to coast and proved to be a real problem for anyone to solve in the match. Britt Baker and Bea Priestley look to have unfinished business, and overall it was a good way to start the evening. ***1/2

Private Party defeated Jack Evans & Angelico

Jeremy: Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy are going to be stars. I’ve seen like three Private Party matches now and they’ve impressed me each time. Not only are they impressing me, but the AEW fanbase as well. They are a fresh, young, and innovative team that can be the future faces of the stacked AEW tag division. This match was a great sprint between two dynamic teams. With the post-match attack from Evans and Angelico, it seems like we will be seeing these two teams battle it out again in the future. I’m all in on these two teams being career rivals.  ****

Rich: After this match, I don’t know how long the party can continue to be private! Private Party is quickly rising up my list of favorite tag teams in the world, and they haven’t missed yet. As Jeremy said, every match of theirs has been filled with innovative fast-paced moves, and their fan-friendly style will win them many fans. I could smell the post-match turn coming a mile away as the jealousy just ate Angelico and Evans alive. This was LIT. ****

SCU defeated Jurassic Express 

Jeremy: This match was a great way to open up the main card. All six guys were super over and executed some cool spots. Each team got their time to shine, but Luchasarus was the stand out star to me in this match. I think every big AEW pay per view should open up with a trios match involving either of these teams. ****

Rich: Another fire SCU 6 man match to open an AEW PPV. When Christopher Daniels struts to the ring it just makes me feel good to see him having so much fun. The newly named Jurassic Express is going to explode on TV in October with Jungle Jack Perry and Luchasaurus looking like walking bankrolls. I guess Marco Stunt is there too. No problem with him taking the pin as it protects the two stars and keeps SCU unbeaten in Trios action. ****1/4

PAC defeated Kenny Omega

Jeremy: Kenny Omega and PAC didn’t have the benefit of a long build like other matches on this card. However, that did not stop them from having an excellent match. Like every great Kenny Omega match, this match was filled with dives, V-triggers, and high impact moves. The finish was very surprising with PAC getting a ref stoppage by reversing the One-Winged Angel into the Brutalizer. With PAC winning it looks like we’ll be seeing more of him in the future. I’m curious to see what Omega’s booking looks like going forward. ****½ 

Rich: I’m concerned about all these losses Kenny Omega has suffered in 2019. From Wrestle Kingdom on its been a struggle kayfabe wise for 2018’s Best Wrestler. This was still an incredible match with PAC making an instant impact with the shock ref stoppage submission finish. I don’t think they set out to do the best match they could possibly do, as PAC was battling a leg injury. Kenny was slightly sluggish, and I believe getting back on a more regular schedule would be beneficial for his timing and precision deeper in matches. However, this was a match that fell in our laps out of nowhere and still delivered in spades. I’d love to see a rematch. ****1/2

The Cracker Barrel Clash: Jimmy Havoc defeated Joey Janela & Darby Allin 

Jeremy: These guys are absolutely insane. Three “I don’t give a damn about my body” all-stars. There were so many crazy spots in this match. From Jimmy Havoc having thumbtacks taped shut in his mouth to Janela giving Darby an Emerald Flowsion on the apron to Darby doing a coffin drop through a cracker barrel onto steel stairs. I could write paragraphs on all the wild spots these guys did. Havoc delivered an Acid Rainmaker for a much-needed win. This was a wild and crazy match that the crowd was into from beginning to end.  ***½ 

Rich: BRING BACK THE CRACKER BARREL CLASH EVERY YEAR. I heard a ton of selling out and jokes about the name on Twitter, but Havoc, Janela, and Allin submitted an incredible effort of the hardcore persuasion and managed to look like 3 of the toughest guys in the business. Each of the three should now own this gimmick, and other wrestlers should have to step in the match to face off against any of them for a real man’s test. As Jeremy said, the spots are too much to recap, but this ruled. ****

For a First Round Bye in The AEW Tag Title Tournament: Dark Order defeated Best Friends 

Jeremy: I’ve been a big fan of Dark Order’s previous work as Super Smash Bros. They had tons of excellent matches on the indies. But I have not been digging this new gimmick. Unlike most of the AEW roster, Dark Order has never been really featured on national television. So unless you watch an unhealthy dose of wrestling like me you probably have never heard of Stu Grayson and Evil Uno. AEW has not done a good job explaining who these guys are and what makes them tick. The crowd had no interest in any Dark Order offense. This ended up being just a fine pro wrestling match. After the match we saw the debut of Orange Cassidy who saved Trent from being abducted by the Dark Order’s Creepers.  ***

Rich: The Dark Order needs help. The Best Friends have not excited me thus far in AEW. These two teams met up and wrestled a technically fine match, but no one cared. Dark Order needs the creative energy that goes into other things in AEW if it has a prayer of working. Their strength is their wrestling, but it will not click unless the aesthetics improve. Backstory, outfits, you name it, they need help on it. ***1/2 

For a Shot at The AEW Women’s Title: Riho defeated Hikaru Shida 

Jeremy: Very good match between Riho and Hikaru Shida. With Riho being only 98 pounds she was the underdog in the match. Shida used her size and strength advantage to bully Rhio throughout the match. Riho was able to withstand the punishment from Shida and used her speed to roll Shida up for the victory. Riho moves onto face Nyla Rose on the debut episode of AEW on TNT.  ***½ 

Rich: Would have loved a reason why these two were selected for this match rather than Baker and Bea. Nevertheless, it was a fast-paced effort that brought the crowd back into it after staring at the Dark Order. The women of AEW will also need time that only national television is going to be able to provide. There is potential EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK, but someone is still going to have to step up to be that STAR. Riho was victorious, and while I don’t hate it, I don’t love the Rose/Riho match as the crowning match for the women. ***3/4

Cody defeated Shawn Spears

Jeremy: Cody and Spears had the most intriguing build and story on this card. Cody ended up choosing MJF to be his second for the match. They started off really hot with a wild brawl in the audience. Tully was excellent in his role as Spears’ manager. There was a lot of interference and shenanigans in this match. Towards the end we got an Arn Anderson run in. Arn delivered his signature spinebuster to Spears and left Tully in shock. Cody took advantage and defeated Spears with the Cross Rhodes. Based on the story they were telling I think the wrong guy won. Spears’ whole gripe has been everybody sees him as just a “good hand”. Spears winning would have proved everyone was wrong about him and he is to be treated as a top star. With Cody winning this story is over and not sure where Spears goes next. ***½

Rich: I was incredibly excited for this as Cody and Shawn Spears authored a flawless build, with Spears looking like a completely new threat in his new promotion. This looked like it was set for him to get some type of dirty win, but it ended up being a showcase for Cody who is still unbeaten in singles. This was the downside of the Cody match, as a million things happened to take the focus off the two guys with the issue, with Tully Blanchard, MJF and even Arn Anderson playing major roles in the contest. I agree with Jeremy, it feels like the wrong guy won, as everything in the presentation pointed at a Spears triumph. I’m not angry enough about it to throw a stink because the crowd loved the match, this one could have been better though. ***1/4

Escalera de la Muerte: AAA Tag Team Champions The Lucha Bros defeated The Young Bucks 

Jeremy: The Lucha Bros and the Young Bucks had an outstanding and insane ladder match. These four men killed each other and the stole the show. This match had some of the craziest ladder spots I’ve ever seen in my twenty-plus years of watching wrestling. One of the craziest spots of the match was Pentagon delivering a Canadian Destroyer to Matt Jackson off a ladder through a table. I know all four of these guys had a hard time getting out of bed on Sunday morning. Pentagon and Fenix retained their AAA tag team titles in what will go do down as one of the best ladder matches ever. The Lucha Bros celebration was cut short by the debuting Ortiz and Santana, formerly known as LAX. ****¾ 

Rich: RICH LATTA’S PRO WRESTLING. Big dives, fast moves, brutality, and anything you do to my brother, I’m going to do to your brother. This was a hair away from a masterpiece. If these two are going to close their rivalry for the time being, what a hell of a way to wrap up, I guess I’ll say it, AEW’s first CLASSIC rivalry. It was time to get the Lucha Bros on the board. I think you can come back to these teams in a year to do it for the AEW Tag Titles next. ****3/4

For The AEW World Championship: Chris Jericho defeated Hangman Page 

Jeremy: Who is that on that nag??? It’s Hangman Page! That’s right, the Hangman delivered on his promise and rode a horse in his entrance. This was a very good match with some great storytelling elements. At one point in the match Page busted open Jericho above the eye in the same spot that Jericho did to Page back at Fight for the Fallen. There seemed to be a subtle tease of a double turn with Hangman getting more aggressive and Jericho selling and getting sympathy. Jericho ends up getting the win after hitting the Judas Effect. The match had a good layout but I felt it went too long. Especially as the main event of a five-hour show. ****

Rich: My biggest pop of the night happened when Hangman Page rode out on the horse. I was pacing back and forth, yelling “STRAP HIM UP”, and doing the belt motion around my waist over and over. While that wasn’t meant to be, this was an awesome main event, with Jericho and Page recognizing the dynamics that were at play and leaning hard into them. Page’s aggression swung the support to Jericho even harder with the BLOOD being the key to getting the match where it needed to be. It felt like a real struggle, and by the time it was winning time, it feasibly could have went either way. Some will say the show length was an issue, for me, as long as the show doesn’t suck I’ll watch whatever this promotion does as this preseason period has been good far more times than not. Jericho winning the belt was the right call. He’ll be AEW’s Buddy Rogers as the promotion will now center on finding who’s the most over man to take the title from him. For the intentionally dense, he’s not Brock Lesnar or some nostalgia act. Chris Jericho has reinvented himself to be worthy of the honor bestowed upon him. Almost 30 years into his career, he’s still adding to his GOAT argument, while others are trying to recapture 1998, 2002, or are completely washed and finished. ****1/4

AEW All Out Results: Jericho is crowned first champ

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