On June 29th, at the Ocean Center in Daytona, Florida All Elite Wrestling Presents their second show, Fyter Fest. Our previewers for this show are Jeremy from Keepin’ It Strong Style, Rich from One Nation Radio, Social Suplex columnists Muzza and Mauserratte, and from All Things Elite, Floyd and Amy.


Jeremy: Last year I attended the CEO X NJPW show where I was introduced to Nakazawa and where this feud first began. Prior to their match last year, Nakazawa had a few squash matches and was hilarious. Immediately I thought this guy needs to be on TV. Jebailey ended up getting the win last year, which makes me think that Nakazawa will get the win this year. Plus I don’t think AEW wants to start the bad trend of putting over non-wrestlers over wrestlers on their roster. Pick: Michael Nakazawa

Rich: Last year I saw this match when Alex Jebailey was hobbled and it was hilarious. Flash forward a year, and his Achilles is recovered, but I don’t think full strength can help him with his grip strength when it comes to a man who will be covered in oil. On second thought, isn’t that most wrestlers? Pick: Michael Nakazawa

Mauserratte: Michael.  Nakazawa… is my pick for this fight.  His act with the baby oil was over and I agree with Jeremy that AEW doesn’t want to pull a TNA and give too many non-wrestlers wins over their main roster.  Plus if Michael loses he won’t be viewed as a credible opponent for Matt Jackson when their storyline ultimately reaches its crescendo. And I firmly believe we are going to see these two face off whether its a singles match or in a tag match because The Elite has done their best to pay off storylines so far. Pick: Michael Nakazawa.

Muzza: My knowledge of both these guys are limited with Jebailey not being a full-out wrestler while Michael Nakazawa from what I’ve seen has a thing for Baby Oil. So yeah interesting choice I have here. Gonna go with the actual wrestler in this case. Pick: Michael Nakazawa (still waiting for that Matt Jackson vs Michael Nakazawa feud better happen at All Out)

Floyd: These 2 finally get to put on the match they wanted to do last year with more of a story. I am excited to see how far Jebailey has come along in his training. The interesting thing is will Matt Jackson have anything to do with the match. I think he does, costing Jebailey the match. Pick: Michael Nakazawa

Amy: I am really excited to see what Jebailey has done since last year! I rewatched their match, and you could tell he was really excited to wrestle, in spite of tearing his Achilles and wearing a heavy boot in the ring. It’ll be fun to see what he’s got in store. He won last year, I think Michael’s taking it this time. Like Floyd, I’m curious as to whether there will be interference from Matt, which may throw the dynamic in their tag team match with Kenny, and set up something longer with Nakazawa. Pick: Michael Nakazawa


Jeremy: This will be the first time seeing Private Party in tag action. AEW did a great job getting me invested with the profile video they did on the Road to Fyter series. All three of these teams are great and this match should be a banger. The winning team here is getting an opportunity to receive a first-round bye in the AEW Tag Title Tournament. I’m going with Best Friends since they had were featured in an angle at Double or Nothing. Pick: Best Friends

Rich: A bunch of veterans and a flashy upstart team. Sign me right up. I’m already a mark for Private Party. I’m easy to please. I’ve got Best Friends moving on here. Pick: Best Friends

Mauserratte: They’ve been hyping up Private Party on youtube for a while now and they didn’t really get their moment to shine in the Gimmick Battle royal recently.  Best Friends and SoCal Uncensored won’t be hurt too much with a loss here in this 3-way either. They could even have the Dark Order interfere and cost The Best friends the match and further their storyline to keep them looking strong.  I also don’t think they’re building the tag division around SoCal either. I believe it makes more sense in this match to put the young guys over so Best Friends, SoCal, and the Young Bucks have credible competition in the future. Pick: Private Party

Muzza: This match will be a banger all three teams are talented and while my knowledge of Private Party is pretty much non-existent. Both SCU and Best Friends are solid teams to work with. Best Friends do seem to be the logical choice here but let’s see if Evil Uno and Stu Grayson show up again. Pick: Best Friends

Floyd: I think this is a 2 team race. We are either getting the Best Friend or SCU. The Road to series really made me care about Private Party. I expect them to be featured in this match and look really good, but I think SCU is walking away with the win, keeping their traditional opening match spot at All Out. Pick: SCU

Amy: This is going to be an absolute blast of a match! All three teams are going to have an excellent showing off their ring work, high spots, and of course, dropkick action! I think we’ll get some subterfuge with the Best Friends, but SCU is going to come out strong on this one. Pick: SCU!


Jeremy: I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of shenanigans in this match with the whole librarian gimmick. Britt Baker might have won the 4 Way at Double or Nothing, but to me, the star of that match was Smiley Kylie. I believe she will be a key piece in the AEW Women’s division and I’m expecting her to get the win here. Pick: Kylie Rae

Rich: I can get down with The Librarian stuff on BTE, but I don’t know how this will totally work out as serious sports presentation. This should be Kylie Rae destroying Leva Bates and establishing herself as a cornerstone of the AEW women’s division. Pick: Kylie Rae

Mauserratte: I’m predicting more storyline shenanigans here.  I think Petey Avalon is going to distract Leva by mistake and cause her to get rolled up.  She’ll get mad of course which will lead to a storyline of Petey constantly trying to win over an already angry Leva that eventually culminates in him saving her in a future match and winning her over for the feel-good moment and payoff you didn’t know you wanted.  Plus the librarian gimmick may not be forever and in this capacity, Leva and Mikey can accumulate more losses than wins and not lose the fans. The gimmick itself can get them over and if Kylie is going to be a credible threat to the women’s title it would be best to make her look strong. Pick: Kylie Rae

Muzza: The match with enough friendliness to challenge Amy O (seriously that woman is made of rainbows and happiness). This match will mostly be a comedy match with Peter Avalon on Leva’s corner I wonder if they will make this match be quiet and shh the crowd. Since Kylie Rae lost at Double Or Nothing I see her getting the win back here. Prediction: Kylie Rae

Floyd: I might be weird, but I have really loved the Librarian character and I’m looking forward to seeing Leva Bates and Peter Avalon’s interactions, but in this match, I’m going with Kylie Rae because she is one of the featured women on this roster. Pick: Kylie Rae

Amy: This match is going to be absolutely delightful to see! You’ve got the adorable, sweet, Kylie Rae, up against the super fun, charismatic character of Leva Bates. Their interplay is going to be a blast of fun. I’m most curious about Leva’s entrance, considering her cosplay background in wrestling! I think with Peter Avalon at her side, there’s going to be some teaming up against Kylie. This could backfire, or it could work. If it does work, maybe we see The Librarians as a staple? Pick: Librarian Leva!


Jeremy: Personally, I would have preferred to see Hangman Page in a singles match to show the world what he can do in a one on one match. Especially since he’s going to be in the main event of All Out for the AEW Championship. But I understand them running this match since all four of these guys were involved in the title reveal angle. Since Page is one of the title contenders he should get the win here. Probably pinning Havoc or Jungle Boy so they can build to an eventually Page/MJF match. Pick: Adam Page

Rich: This will be a mad scramble for a bunch of hungry guys that look to be the bulk of AEW’s second tier. I’ve never seen full matches of Jungle Boy, who has no relation to Jungle Kyona, or Jimmy Havoc, but I think there is enough of them all wanting to announce themselves to the world where it will be a crazy indy style four-way. Pick Hangman Page

Mauserratte: Adam Page already has his match against Jericho for the title so I expect him to whoop ass but not be involved in the sequence that ends the match.  I see Jimmy Havoc causing some real chaos and torturing the other competitors but I don’t see him walking away with the win either. MJF is either going to steal the win from Jimmy as he’s about to pin Jungle Boy or he’s going to roll up Havoc for the cheap heat.  MJF can always use some heat and the most credible heat for a heel is winning. Pick: MJF

Muzza: This match is in my view a darkhorse to be MOTN. Both Adam Page and MJF already have a feud tailor-made while Jungle Boy and Jimmy Havoc are nice additions. I watch a lot of Jimmy Havoc and while most think he is just a hardcore guy with a staple gun. He is capable of having great matches without pulling out weapons. I reckon MJF picks up the win to set up a singles match or perhaps a future title match if Adam can win the title that is. Pick: MJF

Floyd: I’m looking forward to this match because I truly don’t know which way they are going to go. I want to see what Jungle Boy brings to the table. I see this going one of 2 ways, but I’m going to go with the most fun of my 2 options. I see MJF rolling up Jungle Boy and getting the win. He will then challenge Hangman in a singles match at Fight for the Fallen to see who gets to face Jericho at All Out. Pick: MJF

Amy: This match is going to be all about building up Adam Page and MJF in their continuing feud in AEW! I’m excited to see Jungle Boy get some action, and I’m excited to see Jimmy Havoc go after MJF. An MJF win here would be absolutely enticing, but I’ve got to go with my man Hangman Page. He was a teacher after all, and someone has to teach MJF some manners! Pick: Adam Page


Jeremy: Once again Road to Fyter and Being the Elite have done a great job filling fans in on the background of Cima and his relationship with Christopher Daniels. We got a little preview of these guys at Double or Nothing. Both of these guys are great workers and this should be a solid match. I’m going with Cima getting the win here since he’s facing Kenny Omega at Fight For the Fallen. Pick: Cima

Rich: This will be the first singles match I’ve ever seen from CIMA, and I’m extremely excited to see this legendary figure get rewarded with such a great platform as a reward for his influence on the last 20 years of the business, and being a father of modern wrestling. Christopher Daniels is over like a god in AEW, as all of SCU is preparing to be a phenomenon once their act hits weekly TV. With CIMA headed for Kenny, I’d count on him getting a victory here. Pick: CIMA

Mauserratte: I’m unfamiliar with CIMA but with SoCal UC losing earlier I thought it made sense for Chris to go over here until I saw the card for Fight for the Fallen.  With Kenny vs Cima at Fight for the Fallen it makes way more sense for CIMA to win here so he looks like a credible opponent for Kenny later. I think most people agree it doesn’t make sense for people to lose big matches and be rewarded with bigger matches later and I think the bookers at AEW know what they’re doing so I’m going with Cima. Pick: Cima

Muzza: This match is sort of a rematch from Double Or Nothing but with their tag partners gone. These two have a lot of history with CIMA basically helping Daniels get settled in Japan and helping him in the ring. Expect a great match out of these two. While most think Daniels will get the win here with CIMA having a match with Omega at Fight For The Fallen I see CIMA picking up the win to get him some steam heading into that match. Pick: Cima

Floyd: This will be my first time seeing CIMA in singles match. Unfortunately, I feel like the winner has been given away. They are going to want CIMA looking strong going into Fight for the Fallen against Kenny Omega so I think he will beat CD. I truly think this match could steal the show. Pick: CIMA

Amy: Cima has mentored Christopher Daniels, PAC, The Young Bucks, and Ricochet, among others. He is a legend in the high flying, high action wrestling world, and to see him up against his former protege is going to be an absolute blast! With SCU going over at Double Or Nothing, I see Cima going over here. This is going to be an absolute banger to watch! Pick: Cima


Jeremy: One of the highlights of Double or Nothing was the Joshi six-women tag match. Yuka Sakazaki was the stand out from that match and I’m stoked to see she’s back. I’m curious to see how Nyla Rose works with Yuka and Riho. Nyla was overshadowed at Double or Nothing by the surprise appearance of Awesome Kong. Being the only monster in this match should allow Nyla to stand out here and show the world what’s she all about. Pick: Nyla Rose

Rich: Riho is my early favorite here among the three, so I’ll go with her. Pick: Riho 

Mauserratte: It’s hard for me to be objective here because I love the magical girl and she won me over at Double or Nothing in the Joshi match.  I also believe they want the Joshi girls to look strong and to be an important and integral part of AEW. Joshi wrestling can help make AEW look special and provide something different to disenfranchised fans.  I think it makes sense and would be a feel-good win. They could be grooming Riho to be their Joshi ace though so I make my pick knowing in the back of my head I should keep an eye on Riho… Pick: Yuka Sakazaki

Muzza: (Note to self really need to ask James about who these Joshi girls are) This match should be a treat as it gives us a better chance to see these women who may not have gotten as much time to show either being not big factors in a match (Nyla) or being stuck in a good tag match (Yuka and Riho). Expect Nyla to pick up the win here to help get some momentum. Pick: Nyla Rose

Floyd: We have been promised this match stays a Triple Threat so I have to take that into account. Yuka captured my heart at Double or Nothing and I really want her to win, but this not about what I want. Nyla’s monster role was stolen by Awesome Kong so I believe Rose needs a dominate win to establish herself as the monster of the division. Pick: Nyla Rose

Amy: There are so many factors at play here, this is definitely tough to call! Nyla is going to be shown as a dominant force in the women’s division, one that the rest of the women need to overcome to chase the soon to be unveiled title. At the same time, we have some serious contenders ready to go after that same title! I think we’re going to see a lot of fun and spirited action with Riho and Yuka, and I want to see Yuka come out strong here. Pick: Yuka


Jeremy: I’ve been a big fan of Darby Allin for a while now. I’ve seen him live dozens of times now. Darby has no regard for his body. I’ve seen this man do some crazy spots including a climb up a pole and Coffin Dropping down to his opponent and the floor (with no mats!). Darby is a great plucky fight from underneath babyface that everybody will get behind. Cody is a great heel and easily be able to generate sympathy for Allin. I’m going with Cody here since he’s going to be in the big tag main event against the Young Bucks at Fight for the Fallen. Pick: Cody

Rich: I don’t identify with anything Darby Allin presents, however that does not stop me from seeing how people are going to connect with and relate to him. It’s Hardyian. He gives me a peek into a world I’ll never understand, but he’s absolutely fascinating. Matching him with Cody is just strange on a million levels. There hasn’t been much reason given so far as to why this is happening, but the contrast in styles is interesting. Cody knows he cannot be unimpressive at anything and it makes me think these guys will add a unique offering to Fyter Fest. Pick: Cody

Mauserratte:  Cody needs to look strong going into his tag match against the Young Bucks.  Darby will look strong and put in some incredible sequences and spots but ultimately unless someone interferes so that Cody can look strong in defeat I don’t see Darby winning here.  Pick: Cody

Muzza: Similar to Floyd this will be my first Darby Allin match so the hype people have for him better be good (which it hopefully will). This match is hard to predict. Cody has a big match at Fight For The Fallen. Meanwhile, this is Darby Allin first match and logic expects that he should win. But the inner Floyd of me thinks Cody will pick up the win. Pick: Cody 5 Stars 

Floyd: This will be my first Darby Allin match. The highlights I’ve seen him paint him as a maniac that gets the hell beat out of him. I’m picking Cody to win but I believe getting Allin over is the focus of this match. I expect a ton of near falls, but I have to go with the American Nightmare. Pick: The American Nightmare Cody 5 stars, Cody Rhodes

Amy: Darby Allin is coming out strong in AEW with an incredibly compelling story, and a strong desire to prove himself. I like the dynamic of the one who has it all, against the one who’s fighting with everything he has to make a name for himself. I think we might see a swerve here, with Darby making a case for himself at Fyter Fest. In an event packed with hardcore wrestling, I think Darby might take this one. Pick: Darby Allin


Jeremy: Somebody is going to die! Both of these men are crazy and with this match being an unsanctioned match they’re going to do some wild stuff. I’m expecting this to be an ultra-violent bloody plunder brawl. I’m legitimately concerned for the health and well being of these two men. Especially Mox, since he was the G1 Climax coming up after this. Moxley is one of the hottest stars in wrestling right now and should get the win here. Pick: Jon Moxley

Rich: DEATHMATCH ALERT! Joey Janela will literally die in spectacular fashion to go down as a legend. I imagine he tells Moxley, “well I’ll do anything to myself to get the match over.” Mox will be counted on for his match management because Joey is prone to go far too long in big matches, but this is a Moxley coming out party in his new home promotion. Pick: Jon Moxley

Mauserratte:  I think this is a dumb match to take before the G1!  I’m expecting some caskets to appear because AEW is good on including props and gimmicks from youtube shows and we already saw JJ cut a promo in one.  This is going to be violent and I’m hoping neither guy gets hurt too bad because I’m expecting not only a crazy jump/dive but something involving a cigarette butt because both guys are nuts and I can see them putting one out on each other.  Unfortunately for JJ Mox has got to look strong going into G1. Pick: The Death Rider Jon Moxley

Muzza: Death will come to those who participate in this match. The Current IWGP United States Champion Jon Moxley has the G1 coming up and an injury to happen would be terrible but this will still be a bloody affair with both men leaving it all on the line. Pick: Moxley 

Floyd: This is going to be fun. I am not a deathmatch guy, but Moxley is the most intriguing person in wrestling and Janela is willing to do anything. I think this will reach Dustin vs Cody levels of blood, but I don’t think there is any way that Moxley loses his first match in AEW. Pick: Jon Moxley

Amy: Oh my goodness, this match is going to be absolutely insane. You’ve got two guys who love deathmatches, who go for tables, ladders, chairs, barbed wire, nails, and just about anything else they can get their hands on. Anything that isn’t nailed down is fair game in this match! While I’ll be watching this match peeking through my fingers, I fully expect Moxley is going to take this one and run with it. Pick: Moxley


Jeremy: We all know how great Kenny, the Bucks, and the Lucha Brothers are. However, a lot of people are not familiar with Laredo Kid. I’ve only seen one Laredo Kid match thus far. It was against El Hijo de Vikingo and it was incredible. Laredo Kid is the guy you’re going to want to keep your eyes on. This match can be the beginning of many more bookings for Laredo Kid in AEW. Honestly, either team could win here, but I’m going with the Elite. Pick: Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks.

Rich: No disrespect to the rest of the people added, when I think of The Elite, it’s Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson. They are among the finest 3 man units ever put together, and they get to wrestle 3 super wrestlers from Mexico. This will be the next 5 star match or even better for AEW. Something would have to tragically go wrong for this to not be 4.5 at minimum. This is Kenny’s show, I expect him to get the pin and close the night with a promo or even a faceoff with CIMA. Pick: The Elite 

Mauserratte:  This one seems almost too predictable which makes me second guess myself a bit.  By process of elimination Kenny has already lost against Jericho, Young Bucks just lost to the Lucha Bros, and the Lucha Bros have already taken a few losses (Penta lost to Kenny at their first show).  I think the Laredo Kid is here to eat the fall. I don’t think the Bucks necessarily need a win to look any stronger to go against the Rhodes brothers I do think Kenny needs a big win here. Pick: The Original Elite 

Muzza: The Elite. The The Elite are here and oh boy this match will be fireworks, 5 well known great wrestlers and while Laredo Kid is less known he can put on a good show. Already got this at 3 and ¾ stars already. This match will be one to remember for sure.  Pick: The Elite 

Floyd: Any time The OG Elite are in the ring together they put on a show. You add the Lucha Brothers and the high flying Laredo Kid to this and I truly believe 4 stars is the low end of this match. I think Kenny Omega gets the pin on Laredo Kid and picks up his first pin in AEW: Pick: Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks.

Amy: I cannot wait to see Kenny Omega back in high flying action with The Young Bucks! When they’re together, the energy they have, the chemistry they create, and the matches they build are absolutely phenomenal. Combine all of that with the Lucha Brothers and Loredo Kid, and you’ve got a MOTN ready and waiting for us all to see! I think the Nakazawa match is going to have a lingering effect on The Elite, but I think they’ll still come out strong in the end. This match is going to be awesome! Pick: Kenny and The Bucks

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