When a secondary title was proposed for AEW there were fans already fantasy booking a potential Trios Tag Team division.  It later turned out to be a Television title but I don’t think people were wrong to speculate.  It wouldn’t be far-fetched for them to try and bring in another opportunity to showcase their roster having already done such a good job with the traditional two-man tag team.  The Bucks had claimed they wanted to bring tag team wrestling to its full potential so another opportunity to surpass fans’ expectations with another tag team format would not be outside their playbook.

Looking at their roster I was surprised at just how many three-man units they had already set up and just how smooth it is.  Looking at it on paper I’m still convinced there’s going to be at least a tournament at some point for trios.  Just look at the following teams that are factions of three exact people:

  • Death Triangle
  • Best Friends
  • Jurassic Express
  • The Original Elite (Young Bucks and Kenny Omega)
  • SCU
  • Strong Hearts

While a segment of a larger faction we even had the following team for at least one match I was able to find: Inner Circle (Proud and Powerful w/ Sammy)

These aren’t official factions but have tagged in the past together (I’ve given them some names in case AEW decides to make them official factions in the future):

Wild Party (Private Party and Joey Janela)

They’ve already tagged before and throughout the match Joey was already showing his style is highly adaptable to compliment other styles.  We saw some interesting team up attacks between him and Private Party and it can help build him up some more for his singles matches.

The gimmicks go well with each other too. There’s no reason Joey Janela, the guy who hosts a wrestling Spring Break party wouldn’t want to hang with Private Party. You could have Joey showing up in story segments and vignettes with Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quin just like Hangman was involved with them earlier. It only helped the cowboy and with a more long term partnership, I don’t see how this couldn’t help all three wrestlers story wise.

Super Theory/Bad Hybrid (Kip Sapien, Angelico, Jack Evans)

I try to be objective but I just can’t get into Kip as a singles act. I’m always going to be pro Jack Evans and Angelico since their time in Lucha Underground but there’s not much behind their characters right now. They’re pushing Kip well and he could play well off of Jack Evens. Angelico as a heel seems fairly natural. Every time he does his shitty dance to the ring all goodwill he earned with Ivelisse and Son of Havoc is forgotten and what I want most in the world is for him to receive the worst ass kicking in history.  The combination of these three could amount to not the cool heel trio but most truly hated faction in all of AEW.  Especially with Penelope Ford helping them cheat their way to victory.

MJF w/ Butcher and the Blade

You could do some fantasy booking with MJF but I think they would want people to believe he’s such an asshole that no one would team up with him unless he paid them too.  We’ve already seen evidence of MJF paying for the Butcher and the Blade’s services so I think it makes sense to pair him up with them.  Plus it allows him to take some losses without eating the pin.  This also fills the previous criteria as they have also teamed before:

The next two teams are a slight bit of Fantasy Booking as they haven’t actually done any multiman teams together but are part of the same family or cult already:

Nightmare Family (Dustin, Cody, QT)

This one’s a no brainer.  Plus Cody has teamed with QT and Dustin is currently officially paired with QT.  They can look strong and Dustin or QT can alternate eating loses if they want to keep Cody strong.

Dark Order (Brodie Lee, Evil Uno, Stu Grayson) Or Dark Order (constant replacement minions)

You COULD just be boring with Brodie Lee and just have him team with Evil Uno and Stu Grayson as they are the leaders of the faction but James Boyd of One Nation Radio had an idea that had so much more potential.  It also fits with a common theme after seeing how Brodie treats the minions in the segments and after their latest match.

He can come out with minions like 8 and 9 tonight and anytime they cost him a match he destroys one of them.  The next night they increment the number by one implying that he ended their career after a Powerbomb or some other devastating move.  

This does a few things.  It makes it easier to book wins for other factions and it also can make Brodie look even stronger.  Even in defeat, it will show him standing tall over a geek from his cult and make him appear ruthless, vicious, and unforgiving.  They’ve already played up his temper and demeaner towards his own people.  It also makes it appear that their ranks are endless.  Further implying that anyone of us could be a secret dark order member.  Plus it will be funny to see him come out with Minions 37 and 39 eventually.

A trios championship is not a new concept but AEW has revitalized tag team wrestling in their company and could do the same for trios. They have a singles division but a lot of their energy is already spent in a lot of multi-man matches.  A trios championship could help put more on the line and provide an opportunity for another ranking system to explore.

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