What did you all think of the teams that were chosen for the WWE European Tour? I loved seeing The Bella’s spend so much time with Paige. Although the Bella’s tried to embrace the London culture, they may have gone a little overboard. I don’t think Paige was enjoying the tea party too much.


Paige, can’t you just put your pinky up?

Paige Tea

Oh right, Nikki doesn’t want to remember the days of hooters working and farming. Peace out Paige, I can’t say I blame you! I think I would choose that pub over tea time any day.

Paige and the Bella’s have made up now and it looks like everyone is back in the states. But, I don’t think Naomi is too happy with the turn of events at WWE. Naomi is having a really hard time embracing her dark side and turning heel. She takes pride in being a role model and doesn’t want this new “dark image” to ruin her reputation.

The gang tries to teach Naomi how to be bad and get mad, but Alicia Fox takes it a little too far when she throws a drink in Naomi’s face. I swear I would have gotten kicked out of the bar too!


Fox needs to realize that the way she is acting on Total Divas makes her not very likeable to the fans. Honestly, I can’t stand Alicia and I can’t wait for Naomi to kick her a$$!! First she tries to get Wade back even though he has a girlfriend, now she is throwing drinks in Naomi’s face. YUCK!

On a better note, Nattie has finally decided not to lie to TJ and her family anymore. Nattie finally comes clean about the fact that her sister will be living with them now (ugh and not just visiting for 4 days, oops!) and that she actually hated the lion figure that her mother bought her that has been hanging on her wall (Rest in Peace).


Will the truth set Nattie free? I guess we will have to wait and find out.

It seems as though the Bella’s have been a little too truthful with their family as well and let them know that they wanted to open a new Barre studio. Brie didn’t want it to be something for the whole family, but Nikki opened her mouth and let all of them know about their business adventure. We will just have to wait and see on the next episode if the Divas Champ can backtrack and undo what she has already done.

In the meantime, Alicia get yourself together.


And Eva, well, we won’t even go there today! Hopefully, she has gotten those rumors, about Jon beating her, under control.

eve bruises




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