Whats going on everyone. Welcome to the inaugural edition of First Friday Flashbacks. Now I’m sure that you’re asking why don’t I just do this on Thursdays to go with the Throwback Thursday thing and all… Well, all questions don’t have answers! Sometimes you just have to run it.

With that said, First Friday Flashbacks will be a monthly column paying tribute to classic matches and moments of yesteryear, which drops on… “You Guessed It” the first Friday of each month. Now most of these matches will come right out of my memory or will be something I’ve come across that you may enjoy, but I’d like this to be an interactive column, so if there is a classic match you have in mind, whether good or bad, simply drop it in our comment section below (Yeah I Know Entering Your Email blah blah blah) and I’ll add it to next month’s batch of matches.

Rey Mysterio vs Juventud Guerrera – Nitro 1997

Anytime these two got it on, it was a flight session but this contest was a tad more methodical. Well, until the ending. Eddie Guerrero was on commentary running both of these guys down, showing signs of his dynamic personality that WCW hid quite well.

Justin Thunder Liger vs Owen Hart

Didn’t know this existed.

Stone Cold Steve Austin breaks Brian Pillman’s ankle

Pillmanizing becomes a thing. Don’t ever talk about how great Bret Hart is in front of Stone Cold Steve Austin

Bret Hart vs Virgil – WWE Championship


One word…. #FUCKMONEY

Virgil is still the man…


Bryan Danielson vs AJ Styles

Two Of The Best In The World, in front of 30 people….found this on Reddit Today.

That’s all this month. Get at me in the comments or on Twitter @RichLatta32

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