Over a period of time, I’ve been asking various members of Social Suplex from podcasters to other contributors like me what their “5 Moves of Doom” would be. I’m an indecisive person and I’m always fascinated by people who have quick and strong preferences so I tend to annoy some people because I may ask too many probing questions. I’m assuming it comes off as judgmental but really I’m interested in why people have the tastes they do or what draws them in towards whatever the subject matter is.

If you google “5 Moves of Doom” you should land upon a TV Tropes page which defines it as follows:

“Just about every wrestler has a Finishing Move. Some wrestlers, however, have an entire finishing sequence — a series of moves done in the same order to cap off every match. Though the sequence may be interrupted, the wrestler always seems to return to it at the earliest opportunity. If they don’t get a chance to return to it though, they’re probably going to lose the match.”

So I went about asking as many people in Social Suplex as I could and some of the results were very interesting. People’s tastes and opinions can tell you a lot about them and it’s in our differences we can expand our horizons. Some people got a special 6th move they would pull our for a special show once a year and I allowed it. It only expands upon what makes them unique. So if Social Suplex was a wrestling federation these are the types of wrestlers you would see:

Keepin’ it Strong Style

Jeremy “Jon Juris” Donovan

  1. V Trigger
  2. Spinning Back Fist
  3. Exploder Suplex
  4. Sick Kick
  5. Jurisdiction (Gargano Escape)

Jeremy’s choices just gave me instant Eddie Kingston vibes with his back fist.  Then the rest of his choices just screamed indy or an ROH wrestler in 2010-2014 maybe.  I can see some possible influences from El Generico and the obvious influence of Johnny Gargano.  I’ll touch on the V-Trigger later.

Joshua Smith

  1. Delayed Brainbuster with Leg Hook
  2. Standing Rear Naked Choke
  3. Corner Round Kick Assault
  4. Rope Running Dodge then Palm Strike
  5. Thai Plum with Knee strikes into Superman Elbow and Spinning Backfist combo
  6. *Special One Show a Year Move* Top Rope Moonsault Knee Drop

I expected a lot of MMA and shoot style choices from Josh so I wasn’t surprised by the palm strike, rear naked choke, or the strike combo.  The top rope moonsault knee drop was unexpected.  I went back and watched Shibata vs Okada after thinking about his choices here.  I’m thinking that’s the type of wrestler Josh would be.

One Nation Radio

James Boyd

  1. Suplex into Turnbuckle
  2. Spinning Back Fist
  3. Head Kick
  4. Tombstone
  5. 2-Stage Bridging Suplex

Another spinning back fist here and then a head kick.  This is followed by two specific suplexes and a Tombstone.  A very unique wrestler here and I can’t think of another wrestler to compare this to.  This comes across as a no-nonsense type of wrestler.  Possibly a tall wrestler like Lance Archer or Brodie Lee?

Rich Latta

  1. V Trigger
  2. Half Nelson Suplex
  3. Super Kick
  4. Running Wheel Kick to the back of the head of a seated opponent
  5. Slingshot suplex
  6. *Special One show a year move* Turning High Fly Flow

Take note of the second V-Trigger on our list.  Then he also has two specific suplexes just like James.  Maybe they would be tag team partners?  If you know RLPW (Rich Latta Pro Wrestling), then you shouldn’t be surprised with the Super Kick but you might be surprised that the only “Flippy Shit” move is the special 6th move.  Though it is a cool one.  Again I was a little surprised by the choices.

All Things Elite

Floyd Johnson

  1. Clothesline
  2. Body Slam
  3. Bret Hart Pendulum Backbreaker
  4. SpineBuster
  5. Arn Anderson DDT

Some very old school move choices here and very bruiser-esque.  This would be some type of enforcer in a faction or hired gun.  I don’t see too many body slams as a signature move unless I’m watching Stardom or a Young Lion in New Japan.  I’m assuming its more of an 80’s type of wrestling move choice.  Personally I’m actually a really big fan of the pendulum backbreaker myself.  I wish more people would use it.

Get in the Ring

Danny Kuchler

  1. Poisonrana
  2. Fosbury Flop
  3. 450 Splash
  4. Corner Cannonball
  5. Steiner Screwdriver

So far the most high flying choices of them all.  This was what I expected Rich’s list to look more like but DJ Dkooks picked some really cool moves with the Fosbury Flop and Steiner Screwdriver.  This would be a type of wrestler that just whoops your ass and then tops it off with some amazing agility with the 450 splash or Poisonrana (which is also a move I’ve grown to like a lot myself).


Tom Gambardella

  1. Kitaro Crusher
  2. Deadlift German Suplex
  3. V Trigger
  4. GTS
  5. Penalty Kick

This is the 3rd V-Trigger so far and it’s accompanied by a Kitaro Crusher, so you know Kenny Omega was an influence here.  Then some other popular finishing moves with the Penalty Kick and GTS.  Very snappy and striking moves that would pop me.  This is a wrestler that would have been over huge in Lucha Underground or New Japan.

Caleb Baldwin

  1. Clothesline
  2. Gut kick
  3. German Suplex
  4. Rolling German suplexes
  5. Double Arm DDT

This is like if Jon Moxley fused with Bradshaw and Brock Lesnar.  Just a roughneck ass-kicker here.  No fancy stuff just strong strikes, two german suplexes, and a Double Arm DDT to put them out.  But it’s still a fairly simple move set so you could see this wrestler in any promotion and the moves could get over depending on how they were utilized.

Murray “Muzza” Bone (Young Lion)

  1. Body Slam
  2. Body Slam
  3. Drop Kick
  4. Roll-up
  5. Boston Crab

Muzza gave me three sets of moves and while that was incorrect it did paint a picture of the whole wrestler’s career and the various stages of their move set.

Murray “Muzza” Bone (Established Heel)

  1. Arm Drag
  2. Armbar
  3. Moss Covered 3-Handled Family Credenza
  4. Armbar
  5. Saskatchewan Spinning Nerve Hold

If that wrestler was Chris Jericho and he started as a Young Lion before going to WCW.

Murray “Muzza” Bone (Veteran)

  1. Judas effect
  2. Judas effect
  3. Judas effect
  4. Judas effect
  5. Judas effect

He claims it’s all he would need so I’m guessing this is the Bruiser Brody version of Jericho that first showed up in New Japan to challenge Kenny and later fought Naito.

Me (Mauserratte)

  1. Wrist Clutch with Head kicks into Jumping Knee strike
  2. Poisonrana
  3. Octopus Stretch
  4. Sleeperhold
  5. Running Bicycle Yakuza Kick

And finally mine.  I love the spots involving wrist control from the Ripcord Clothesline we call the Rainmaker to Ibushi’s Kamigoye so I incorporated a move that just involves gaining that control then I can have some vicious kicks into a Jumping knee to distinguish it from a V-Trigger as we already had 3.  Poisonrana is dope and Kenny also does that.  Then a few submissions followed up by the bicycle Yakuza kick for another strike that I felt was unique enough.  What can I say I love strikes and Submissions.

But one pattern I think I want to point out was all the V-Triggers.  I think it says alot about the Influence Kenny in particular had on this experiment.  Then you have Jericho with Muzza as another example.  People will always argue about who’s the best but my theory is that the best wrestlers are the ones everyone wants to emulate whether we realize it or not.  There’s storylines that suck us in and fun gimmicks but at the end of the day we still need some hard hitting and exciting combat.  Combat with unique and cool moves that bring out the kid in us.

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