On Episode 14 of Grown Men Watch This S***? Jaims Vanderbeek (Jeremey) & Chris Things interview the mad genius behind Underworld Wrestling, Adam Bruiser! We talk how Chris & Adam originally met, some behind the scenes of the Amazon Prime Melbourne Underground Cult Fight Club, how the project came to be & much, much more nonsensical grappling silliness. Much fun was had. We also have our BIGGEST, most newsworthy segment of David Arquette Watch 2018 EVER, covering the spectacle of David’s recent bloody, light-tube “Deathmatch” with Nick F’n Gage at Joey Janela’s “L.A. Confidential” event. We also have some live event post-show thoughts from The Gold Coast’s “Pro Wrestling League” debut show with Chris’ good friend, Mitch Cutting as well as the return of our roving reporter & acclaimed frequent guest of the show, @JCraft901 for Jon’s thoughts on losing his “321 Virginity” with Jeremey at the most recent 321 Battle show in Seattle. Our most jam-packed show yet! Get into it!!

Always a proudly semi-coherent, wandering chat amongst international wrestling buddies. Enjoy the #Dumbness! We are grown men and we watch this s***! Stay tuned for new episodes fortnightly on Wednesday nights!

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