On Episode 15 of Grown Men Watch This S***? Jaims Vanderbeek (Jeremey) & Chris Things interview one of the founders of the Chicago’s coolest wrestling promotion, Freelance Wrestling, (& rad wrestler in his own right), Matt Knicks! Another really fun interview; we talk lots of Freelance & just what makes it so special, Billy Corgan, Dennis Stamp, Pro Wrestling Tees, along with Matt’s experiences prior to starting the company, also much nonsense & the debut of “Chris’ Tidbits”. Our first show in a while recorded “live to tape”, get into that free-flowing goodness!!

Always a proudly semi-coherent, wandering chat amongst international wrestling buddies. Enjoy the #Dumbness! We are grown men and we watch this s***! Stay tuned for new episodes fortnightly on Wednesday nights!

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