On Episode 20 of Grown Men Watch This S***? Jaims Vanderbeek (Jeremey) & Chris Things reunite the famed 3 AMIGOS with our roving show correspondant, Jon Craft (who may or may not be locked out of his home) to discuss his recent trip to see PWG 200 & Tijuana’s The Crash Lucha Libre. We also chat the latest 2 episodes of Underworld Wrestling, GCW’s crazy lineup so far for Wrestlemania-weekend, a little something different with some Sendai Girls joshi-wrestling & we even take some listener-questions! Fun times, fun times.

Always a proudly semi-coherent, wandering chat amongst international wrestling buddies. Enjoy the #Dumbness! We are grown men and we watch this s***! Stay tuned for new episodes fortnightly on Wednesday nights!

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