On Episode 35 of Grown Men Watch This S***? Jaims Vanderbeek (Jeremey) & Chris Things return with a special “on-holiday” edition recorded live-to-tape with Chris in a Tokyo apartment! We talk the wild ride of travelling to Japan to watch a butt-load of great wrestling, including “NOAH The Best” with NOAH’s biggest show of the year at Tokyo Ryogoku Sumo Hall, NJPW Power Struggle in Osaka & “BJW Ryogokutan 2019” from Sumo Hall, as well as various other topics of the 3 weeks ago when his was recorded nature!

Publisher’s Note: We tried to get this one up at the time of recording but logistics got in the way, so please enjoy it now! Soz dudes, we’ll be back more regularly in the future.

Always a proudly semi-coherent, wandering chat amongst international wrestling buddies. Enjoy the #Dumbness! We are grown men and we watch this s***! Stay tuned for new episodes fortnightly on Wednesday nights! Follow us on Twitter: @GrownMenPod, @SocialSuplex, @ChrisThings, @JaimsVanderbeekInstagram: @ChrisThings & @JaimsVanderbeekLike us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SocialSuplex/ Visit our website for news, columns, and podcasts: https://socialsuplex.com/Join the Social Suplex community Facebook Group: The Wrestling (Squared) CircleSupport the Social Podcast Network by leaving a rating and review on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher

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