On Episode 46 of Grown Men Watch This S***? Jaims Vanderbeek (Jeremey) & Chris Things ARE BACK, again joined by Japanese wrestling aficionado, ‘Cousin Ben’, we are talkin’ what has turned out to be easily the most consistent pro wrestling tournament of the year, NOAH’s N-1 Victory 2020 Tournament. For this episode, we cover nights 6-7 of “beefy men slapping beef, to see who is the beefiest in the land of Pro Wrestling NOAH”! Part three of our running coverage of the entire tournament, the loftiest project to date of this ‘special sometimes food’ podcast to continues! Next up, FINALS! Enjoy & stay tuned!!

Always a proudly semi-coherent, wandering chat amongst international wrestling buddies. Enjoy the #Dumbness! We are grown men and we watch this s***! Stay tuned for new episodes every now and then.

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