Chris Jericho is a six-time world heavyweight champion. He’s held multiple other titles throughout his illustrious career. He’s one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and still going strong today. So strong in fact, he’s one of two men who will face off at AEW All Out to crown the first-ever All Elite Wrestling World Champion.

It almost seems like a no-brainer to say that Chris Jericho should be the first man to hold the prestigious AEW World Championship, however, maybe that statement is jumping the gun.

At All Out, Chris Jericho faces off against 28-year-old up and comer, Adam “Hangman” Page. Page’s Elite animal is the horse and rightfully so. He is truly a stud. His style is like no other. He’s got the quickness of a lightweight and yet the force of a heavyweight. He’s suave and rugged all at once. He’s a true cowboy and he is the man who should walk out of Chicago as the AEW World Champion.

It’s true that having Chris Jericho as the first-ever AEW Champion would make for great headlines. He’s a household name. People know who Chris Jericho is. However, isn’t that exactly the reason to have Hangman Page defeat him? What makes a better headline?

“Chris Jericho Becomes First AEW Champion” or “Rising Star Adam ‘Hangman’ Page Defeats Chris Jericho”

Which headline makes a lapse wrestling fan dig deeper? The latter. A casual fan may not have heard of Hangman before All Out, but if they watch him defeat a legend like Chris Jericho or read about it the next day, rest assured they’ll be hitting up Google to learn more. One victory over Chris Jericho immediately puts Hangman Page on the map which is exactly what should happen leading into AEW’s television debut on TNT.

AEW’s favorite word is fresh. This is another reason Hangman Page should become the first-ever AEW Champion. Having someone like Chris Jericho on the roster is nothing but good for AEW. Having Chris Jericho hold the AEW World Title down the road would be nothing but good for AEW. Having him as the first man to win the championship, however, would be a contradiction to everything AEW has been talking about since the beginning of the year when the company began. As amazing as Chris Jericho is, he doesn’t need this win. Hangman Page does.

Hangman Page has all the ingredients to be one of the absolute biggest stars in AEW. At All Out, a win against someone as incredible and legendary as Chris Jericho is what will take Page to that next level leading All Elite Wrestling to TNT. It’s truly a must that AEW puts their faith in Adam Page. The world will be watching on October 2nd. The right statement to make is having someone who isn’t known for their success elsewhere holding that AEW Championship up high.

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