Last night was the 250th episode of NXT! The show kicked off with Bayley versus one half of Team BAE (Best At Everything), Becky Lynch. Due to interference from Sasha Banks, Becky picked up the win over Bayley. NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte saved Bayley from post match humiliation. Charlotte as a babyface is starting grow on me, even though I prefer her as a heel. Charlotte warned Bayley that she will not be there next week and not to challenge Sasha. Obviously Bayley will challenge Sasha and receive a beat down from Team BAE.

Looks like we’ll be seeing a battle of NXT monsters Baron Corbin and Bull Dempsey. I’m a fan both men’s work. And I would like to see both of the have some longer matches.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass continue to impress me every week with their creativity and charisma. The realist guys in the room picked up a win over The Mechanics. They didn’t get to celebrate long due to an attack by The Ascension. Konor and Viktor have challenged Finn Balor and Hideo Itmai, which I’m sure we’ll see at NXT REVOLUTION.

Kevin Owens (Steen) will be debuting at NXT REVOLUTION! Kill Owens Kill!

I will never understand heel versus heel matches. Last night we saw Tyson Kidd and CJ Parker. I enjoy CJ Parker’s character and presentation. I feel like he’s under utilized and should be incorporated in the show more.

The Highlight of the Night was the ending segment between Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville. I loved the passion behind Zayn’s promo and I’m excited for NXT REVOLUTION!

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