WWE Smackdown was the last stop before Survivor Series. The show opened with Triple-H promising that he will fire Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, Big Show, and Erick Rowan if they Team Authority wins. This stipulation/verdict was not needed. “The losers get fired” stipulation is so outdated and kayfabeish. We know if Team Authority wins nobody is really getting fired and they will find a way back.

Dean Ambrose came out and declared himself a walking survival kit and his plans to hurt Bray Wyatt on Sunday. Bray responded by telling Ambrose he’s going to leave in a puddle of filth just like dear old dad. I’m curious to how Wyatt knows about Ambrose’s past. It’s an interesting element to their feud. And I’m excited for their match on Sunday.

AJ dressed up as Nikki Bella to take on Brie Bella. AJ had some stuffing in her bra that she took out during the match to beat Brie with. AJ won the match off a distraction from Nikki. These gals should have a decent bout on Sunday.

Los Matadores pick up a win against Miz and Damien Mizdow. I feel bad for Los Matadores. They’ve won so many matches lately and haven’t received a tag team title match. I don’t like their chances of winning the Fatal 4 Way on Sunday.

Erick Rowan was impressive in his match against Cesaro which was followed in a teased brawl between Rowan and his former Wyatt brother Luke Harper. I feel bad for Cesaro. He’s such a great performer and is not being given the chance to shine.

The main event of WWE Smackdown was Ryback and Big Show versus Kane and Seth Rollins. Like most TV main events this match ended in a disqualification when the rest of Team Authority interfered. Ziggler and Rowan tried to make the save but, were outnumbered. John Cena was nowhere to be found. Worst Team Captain ever.

The Highlight of the Night was the match between Dolph Ziggler and Rusev. Ziggler is so good in the ring. There was several times in this match that Ziggler had you believing he had Rusev beat.

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