The post Survivor Series Raw kicked with Triple-H and Stephanie McMahon talking about how the WWE needs them and it won’t survive without them. They are interrupted by a returning Daniel Bryan. Bryan says he’s in charge tonight and bids the former Authority a farwell. Bryan then calls out the members of Team Authority to tell him his plans for them.

Mark Henry was booked for a Wrestlemania rematch against “The Big Guy” Ryback. I think WWE made a mistake having Henry beat Ryback at Wrestlemania 29. They righted that wrong last night with Ryback winning with a big Meat Hook Clothesline.

Luke Harper had to defend the Intercontinental Title against Dean Ambrose. The match ends just like Ambrose’s match with Bray Wyatt, with Ambrose giving Harper dirty deeds on a steel chair. As Ambrose pulls out a table, he’s attacked by Wyatt. These two are going to tear the house down in their TLC match in 3 weeks.

Rusev and Lana were forced to the ring to Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America. Sgt. Slaughter returned to enforce this but, after a few lines Rusev refused Lana to say anymore. Rusev prepares to attack Slaughter which brings Jack Swagger for the save. Possibly Swagger will get one more shot at the United States title.

Big Show tried to explain why he turned his back on Team Cena and is interrupted by Erick Rowan. Rowan stated he doesn’t like bullies and goes to work on Big Show. Show runs to fight another day. Rowan versus Big Show will be interesting match that perhaps we’ll see at the TLC pay-per-view.

The WWE Raw Highlight of the Night was the main event which would feature Seth Rollins was put in a 3 on 2 handicap match against Dolph Ziggler and John Cena. The fans got the opportunity to vote for Rollins’ partners and in a landslide victory J &J Security were chosen. It was great to see Rollins, Noble, and Mercury finally get what was coming to them. Also I’m loving what appears to be Ziggler’s main event push.

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