WWE Main Event as an action packed hour last night. Jey Uso picked up a win against Stardust. Like I said in my Raw review yesterday. I have no idea what the direction for the Tag Division is. The tag champions have been losing every non-title match. One of the reasons I thought they were going to lose at Hell In A Cell. If the Dust Brothers are going to be the champs I want to see them booked a little stronger.

Curtis Axel made his return and defeated Justin Gabriel. I hope creative has a game plan for Axel. I think he can benefit being associated with The Authority. Also I think he can make an interesting team with Titus O’ Neil.

The Eater Of Worlds, Bray Wyatt had his first match back since returning. He steamrolled over Sin Cara. I was hoping for Ambrose to play some mind games with Bray. Hopefully on Smackdown this rivalry will pick up the pace.

The WWE Main Event Highlight of The Night was Sami Zayn versus Tyson Kidd. I was surprised to see Sami on WWE Main Event. This makes him me think they’re testing the waters for him to be on the main roster full time. Before Sami hits the main roster I believe he should have a run as NXT Champion. And he has a chance to win it at the next NXT live special on the WWE Network.

What was your favorite part of WWE Main Event? Sound off below in the commments.

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