Main Event started off with an awful game show called “Know Your Bro” featuring the Usos, Goldust, Stardust as contestants and JBL as the host. There were a few funny moments but I don’t think that was the right segment for a Tag Team Championship feud. Good thing is both these teams are great and will have a great match this Sunday. It was good to see Big E get a win. I really want to see him given some direction instead of random matches. Jack Swagger had a good showing against Seth Rollins but, it was obvious that Rollins was going to win. Swagger has yet to beat Rollins and Rollins has a big match this Sunday and can’t afford a lost to somebody who’s not on the card.

The Highlight of The Night for me was seeing Tyson Kidd pick up a win over R-Truth. I love Tyson Kidd’s current gimmick. He’s perfect in that role. The tension between him and Natalya is perfect for to advance his character and promotion for Total Divas. I hope to see more wins for Tyson Kidd and a future championship opportunity.

What was your favorite part of last night’s Main Event? Sound off in the comments below.

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