The post Hell In A Cell Monday Night Raw had a lot of questions to answer and it did just that. Randy Orton is on the brink of a babyface turn. With an RKO out of nowhere on Seth Rollins, I wouldn’t be surprised if Orton ends up on Team Cena or costs Team Authority the match at Survivor Series.

Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt had their first back and forth exchange and it was awesome. Like Mick Foley said this rivalry will create great promos. Also putting Bray against Ambrose forces the crowd to react to Bray as a villain.

Goldust and Stardust defend the tag titles against Big Show and Mark Henry and Henry finally turns back on Big Show. I was expecting it last night. I enjoy Mark Henry more as a heel. Looks like we’ll see the World’s Strongest Man against the World’s Largest Athlete at Survivor Series. I’m curious to who challenges the Dust Brothers next.

I was excited to see “The Big Guy” Ryback make his return against Bo Dallas. I’m glad they hit the reset button and brought him back as a babyface. As I mentioned in 5 WWE Wrestlers Who Should Be Main Eventers, Ryback as the potential to be a big star as a fan favorite. I expect to see Ryback as a member of Team Cena.

It was great to see Dolph Ziggler being involved in The Authority storyline and getting a win on Corporate Kane. I also expect for Ziggler to align with Team Cena.

The Monday Night Raw Highlight of the Night was the main event between John Cena and Seth Rollins. Rollins continues to prove he deserves to be a main event player. The match breakdowns with all of the locker room brawling. I’m interested to see who joins Team Cena and Team Authority. I would love to see Triple-H lace up the boots for Survivor Series.

What was your highlight of last night’s Monday Night Raw? Sound off in the comments below.

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