I love when wrestling shows start with wrestling and not twenty minute promos. This week’s NXT kicked off with a five Team Battle Royal to determine the number one contendership for the NXT Tag Championships. Thanks to a distraction from Hideo Itami the Vaudevillans elmininated the Ascension and earned a shot against the Lucha Dragons. After the match Hideo tried to fight the Ascension again by myself and just like last week it didn’t work out so well for him. Next week he promises to bring a friend. If you’ve read the spoilers you know who will be his back up next week.

Carmella had her second match against Emma. I’m a little confused with Carmella’s character. All her mannerisms and attitude comes off as a heel yet she is with the babyface team of Enzo and Big Cass. I initially want to cheer because of her association with Enzo and Cass but, her character has been so cocky and arrogant I want to boo her. So I’m quite sure what I’m supposed to do. WWE seems to have a problem defining heels and babyfaces in the divas division.

Bull Dempsy returns and destroys Justin Gabriel. I like Bull and think he can be a top monster heel. I feel bad for Gabriel. He’s so talented but is only used to put people over. Then again maybe Gabriel is happy in that role.

Baron Corbin destroys another jobber in less than twenty seconds. I love that the crowd has started counting to see how long his matches are going to be. Corbin has a unique aura that makes him stand from the rest of the NXT roster. I see an NXT Championship run in his future.

The Highlight of the Night goes to the main event between Sami Zayn and Titus O’ Neil. Zayn is on the road to redemption and the NXT Championship. This was another great performance from Zayn and from Titus who I think is very underrated and should have a better spot on the main roster.

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