On this week’s episode of Keepin’ It Strong Style, Jeremy Donovan and the “Young Boy” Josh Smith cover all the latest NJPW news and answer several mailbag questions. They then continue The Final Countdown BOSJ review series. In week 3 of The Final Countdown, Jeremy and Josh review 99-03 Best of the Super Jr. Finals:

BOSJ Final 1999 – Kendo Kashin vs. Koji Kanemoto

BOSJ Final 2000 – Tatsuhito Takaiwa vs. Shinjiro Otani

BOSJ Final 2001 – Jushin Thunder Liger vs. Minoru Tanaka

BOSJ Final 2002 – Koji Kanemoto vs. Minoru Tanaka 

BOSJ Final 2003 – Masahito Kakihara defeats Koji Kanemoto

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Here are the links for all BOSJ Matches we’ve covered so far: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bYrheaL0MqA2cNFAu7x7N6zJIGsPy4E95NcTu3bg-5A/edit?usp=sharing

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