Happy New Year! Here at Social Suplex we’re excited to bring you a year full of great posts. We’re also looking forward to see what happens in the WWE this year. In 2014 we saw the WWE debut of Sting, Undertaker’s streak broken, and John Cena get squashed. It definitely was an eventful year. With 2015 here, there are five things I hope to see happen in 2015:

1. New WWE Champion

NOC14_Photo_252-3775239614Source: wwe.com

In 2014, we had three WWE Champions, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, and Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar won the title in August and has only defended the title once. Once. Just once. I can understand not having Brock on Raw every week, but, not having him on pay-per-view was ridiculous. In my opinion, no matter who the champion is they should be available to defend the title every month at the pay-per-view. Even The Rock defended the title at every pay-per-view when he won the WWE Championship in 2013. In 2015, I’m hoping for Brock Lesnar’s title reign to end. Internet dirt sheets are assuring us that Brock’s contract is up after Wrestlemania 31 and will be looking to go back to MMA. Whether Brock stays or goes, he needs to lose the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. With the return of Daniel Bryan I would love to see Bryan versus Brock at Wrestlemania for the title. It will be the ultimate underdog story and Bryan will get the chance to get the title back he never really lost.

2. New Authority Figure

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I loved Triple-H and Stephanie in the authoritative figures in 2014. When they lost power at Survivor Series, my initial thought was, okay, we’re going to get to see something new and different. Instead, we saw the return of celebrity guest hosts. Guests hosts are hit or miss. I knew eventually Triple-H and Stephanie would get power back somehow, since the stipulation was added that John Cena was the only person that could bring them back. They wouldn’t have added that stipulation unless they were coming back. I don’t think anyone could have predicted that would be back a month later. I was really looking forward to a new general manager. We had a year with heel authorities and now it looks like 2015 will be the same. It would interesting to bring in a face general manager or commissioner and have the heels antagonize them. In 2015 I hope for a new authority figure.

3. New Stars

20140116_SamiZayn_6421Source: wwe.com

In 2014, we didn’t see a lot of fresh faces make their debut. Out of the new wrestlers would make their debut this year, very few of them got over. There are several wrestlers in NXT who can make an impact on the main roster right now. NXT Champion Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville, and Finn B├ílor are just a few of the NXT stars who are ready and are chomping at the bit to make their main roster debut. In 2015 I hope for new stars to freshen up the roster and create new matches,

4. New Pay-Per-View Concepts

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I’m not a fan of gimmick pay-per-views such as Hell In A Cell and TLC. Instead of reserving these special gimmick matches for blow offs too rivalries, we’re forced to see these matches whether they make sense with the feud or not. I would like to see Extreme Rules, Hell In A Cell, and TLC replaced with new pay-per-view ideas. I love all of these match types I just think they could be used more effectively if they weren’t tied to a pay-per-view. In 2015, I hope for new pay-per-view concepts.

5. New Network Programming

sg-wwenet_mnw_sneak_021714_intlSource: wwe.com

In 2014, we had the launch of the WWE Network. It’s the greatest product created for the true wrestling fan. For just $9.99 a month we get to watch every pay-per-view which use to cost us about $60 a month. The Network is also home to NXT. Some of the best wrestling in 2014 happened on NXT. We had four NXT live specials that tore the house down. There was also several new programming such as The Monday Night War, Legends’ House, and Countdown. All these shows were great, but, in order for the Network to grow and gain new subscribers they need to create new programming. Wade Keller mentioned an idea for a new concept on the Steve Austin Show. Wade said they should have wrestlers watch their favorite matches live and comment on the match. I think that’s a great idea for a new show and is something I would definitely watch. In 2015, I hope for new programming on the Network.

What do you want to see in 2015? Sound off in the comments below.

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