Another Road to Show. 2 singles matches and a tag team main event let’s get into this!

Singles Match: Jordan Clearwater vs JR Kratos

First Singles Meeting

Our opening match sees two big men face-off. Last week, Jordan Clearwater was on the winning side for the first time in that 8-man tag match. He hopes to continue this momentum, but in his way is Team Filthy Hoss, JR Kratos. Kratos will not be in a good mood since his loss to Brody King at Lion’s Break Contender. For Clearwater, a win here would not only be a significant upset but his first singles victory and would push him up the card considerably. As for Kratos, a win here puts him back into the mix and gives him his first single’s victory as his two single’s matches against Jeff Cobb and Brody King were unsuccessful. This should be a fun opener to watch.

Prediction: JR Kratos picks up the win

Singles Match: Clark Connors vs Bateman

First Singles Meeting

Our next match sees Clark Connors take on Bateman. Connors has been on a bit of a roll lately with wins over Kevin Knight and The DKC and will hope to make it three in a row. As for Bateman, he will be looking to make more of an impression after losing to Narita in his debut but pick up the pinfall win in an 8-man tag last week and will want to get a big win tonight against the head of the LA Dojo Young Lions and look to the future, will Bateman suffer another loss to a LA Dojo boy or Connors fail to get a big-time win over an ROH wrestler.

Tag Team Match: TJP and Ren Narita vs Team Filthy (Chris Dickinson and Danny Limelight)

first tag meeting

Our main event sees TJP team with Ren Narita to take on Team Filthy representatives Chris Dickinson and Danny Limelight. Narita made his strong debut at Lion’s Break Contender, picking up a big win over Bateman, and will want to prove he has improved greatly and will want to take on all comers. Meanwhile, Chris Dickinson also had a big win at Lions Break Contender over Rocky Romero and is currently yet to lose and with Danny Limelight will be wanting to get another win for Team Filthy, meanwhile Narita teams with TJP who will want to get back on winning ways following a loss to Rey Horus. This should be an explosive tag match to watch. Will Dickinson’s size and power be too much for Narita and TJP to handle, or can they get what many would say to be an upset win as Narita continues to climb the rankings.

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