NXT Takeover London Predictions & Analysis

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NXT is heading across the pond for their next live special. NXT Takeover London should not disappoint. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed by a Takeover event yet. There are a lot of big matches on the card. Here are my predictions for the show.

Apollo Crews vs. Baron Corbin

20151125_1920x1080_NXT Takeover-London_CrewsCorbin

source: wwe.com

This rivalry began a few weeks ago when Crews eliminated Corbin in a battle royal to become number one contender for the NXT Championship. Corbin then interrupted Crew’s golden opportunity by attacking Crews. This personal rivalry with Corbin has allowed Crews to display different ranges of emotions. A big complaint that I hear about Crews often is that he is too happy and has no setbacks or obstacles to overcome. Well, this rivalry is the answer for those critics. Apollo has been all business since Corbin ruining his NXT title match. Crews will now have to claw his way back to an NXT Championship match. Defeating Corbin could be the first step. Corbin is also looking to get into the title picture. As we’ve seen on Breaking Ground Corbin is pretty cocky and thinks he’s one of the best in NXT. After a back and forth brawl, I see Apollo scoring a big win. I won’t be surprised to see Corbin head to the main roster after this match.

Asuka vs. Emma

20151125_NXT Takeover London_1920x1080

source: wwe.com

I’m really excited about this match. This match has the potential to steal the show. I’ve been a fan of Emma after her great match with Paige at NXT Arrival. Emma is highly underrated and has done a great job at reinventing herself since returning to NXT. Asuka has blown away me with her performance since arriving on the scene a few months ago. Asuka moves so fluidly and has the presence of a star. People have been worrying about the state of the women’s division without Sasha, Becky, and Charlotte. Well, these two ladies have done a great job on making the division look as strong as ever. At the last Takeover event, Emma’s BFF Dana Brooke couldn’t defeat Asuka. I don’t see Emma having any better luck.

NXT Tag Team Championship:
Dash & Dawson vs. Colin Cassidy & Enzo Amore

20151201_1920x1080_NXT Takeover London_DashDawsonEnzoCassidy

source: wwe.com

NXT tag division is on fire! There are so many teams right now that are doing great work including both of the teams in this match. I don’t think anybody was expecting Dash & Dawson to dethrone the Vaudevillians, now they have to defend the titles against the most popular team in NXT. I’m very surprised that Enzo & Big Cass have not been Tag Champions yet. I’m assuming the logic behind that is they are so popular they don’t need the tag titles. I still think the biggest mistake they made was not having them win the tag titles at Brooklyn. With Dash & Dawson only holding the tag titles for a few weeks I don’t see our beloved certified gs and bonafide studs winning, but I’ll be rooting for them to win.

NXT Women’s Championship:
Bayley vs. Nia Jax


source: wwe.com

This will be an interesting match up. I’m surprised they’re doing this match so quickly. I thought they would continue to have Nia steamroll through people for a few more months before she faced Bayley. I’ve been impressed with Nia since the first time I saw her at an NXT house show in Tampa. With this match being booked so quickly I have a feeling that Nia is going to win. If that’s the case that could open up the opportunity to have Bayley jump to the main roster. Since there seems to be no real babyfaces on the main roster division for the exception of Becky, I think having Bayley up there could help unblur the lines in that division. There’s no way they could book Bayley as a heel. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bayley retain, but my gut is telling me to go with Nia.

NXT Championship:
Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe


source: wwe.com

I can’t say I’m surprised with Samoa Joe’s heel turn. I was expecting him to turn heel at the last Takeover. Since turning his back on Finn, Joes has been an unstoppable monster. He has choked Finn several times with the Coquina Clutch. This is the first time Finn has been booked as an underdog going to a Takeover match. It’s been several months since Finn has summoned the Demon. I’m expecting for him to wear his war paint for this match. Finn hasn’t lost very many matches since being in NXT. Similar to the Bayley/Nia match I could see Finn losing the title to be ready for a call up especially since Sami Zayn is making his return. Even the main roster desperately needs a fresh face who hasn’t been tarnished with bad booking, I think Finn will retain.

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