NXT Takeover R Evolution is this Thursday live on the WWE Network. I’m a huge NXT fan and love these quarterly live specials they’re doing. The main roster better take notice because everybody in NXT is looking to steal the show and move on up. You can guarantee that everybody on this show will try to set the bar high and force the main roster to take TLC to a higher bar on Sunday. As I write this there are only four matches announced. I’m sure we’ll see more progression in the rivalry between Bull Dempsey and Baron Corbin. Also I wouldn’t be surprised to see a match or a segment with Enzo Amore and Big Cass. I love Enzo and Cass and I believe they should be in the NXT Tag Title picture.

On the Pre-Show Corey Graves will make an announcement about his future in NXT. Graves had a concussion a few months ago and has been out ever since. I really hope he’s announcing that he will be able to make a return to the ring. Graves is very talented and I think he will do well on the main roster.

I expect R Evolution to be as good as all the other specials. Here are my predictions for the show.

Hideo Itami & Finn Bálor vs. The Ascension


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Hideo Itami made his NXT debut at the Fatal 4 Way Special in September. His debut was ruined by the Ascension who were upset they lost their tag titles and upset Itami was stealing their spotlight. Itmai endured weeks of beat downs until he brought in fellow international superstar Finn  Bálor. I’m disappointed to say I’ve never seen Bálor wrestle before but, I’ve been extremely impressed with his in ring performance and the presence he has when he enters the NXT arena. I feel like the Ascension have cooled off since losing the tag titles. I see Itami and Bálor defeating The Ascension and sending them on their way to the main roster.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match
The Lucha Dragons (c) vs. The Vaudevillains


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The Lucha Dragons make their second title defense against the Vaudevillains. The Vaudevillains earned the title match by winning a tag team battle royal. I’m a big fan of both of these teams. The NXT creative team need to do a better job at defining the Vaudevillians as heels. Their videos with the mini “Lucha Dragons” have been more funny than despicable. I feel like it’s too soon for the Lucha Dragons to lose the titles especially since they were the team that knocked off The Ascension. So I’m going with the Dragons retaining in an entertaining  match.

NXT Women’s Championship Match
Charlotte (c) vs. Sasha Banks


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The daughter of the Nature Boy Ric Flair, Charlotte defends her NXT Women’s Championship against the Boss Sasha Banks. The battle of the former BFFs has the potential to steal the show. The tension between Sasha and Charlotte has been building for over a year and will finally explode on Thursday night. I’m continually impressed by the performance of NXT’s women’s division. I know this match will not disappoint. I see Sasha’s Team BAE partner, Becky Lynch helping Sasha win the NXT Women’s Title. With Sasha taking the title off Charlotte that will free her up to make a permanent stay one the main roster.

NXT Championship Match
Adrian Neville (c) vs. Sami Zayn

20141120_EP_LIGHT_takeoverrevolution-match-homeSoucre: wwe.com

Adrian Neville defends the NXT Championship against his “friend” Sami Zayn. This has match of the year written all over it. Every time these two step in the ring it’s magic. WWE officials know this too and that’s why Neville and Zayn have been brought on several main roster tours. Zayn has been plagued with not being able to win the big one. He has lost to the Cesaro at Arrival, lost to Tyler Breeze at Takeover, and lost two NXT Championship matches. Zayn has stated if he can’t defeat Neville he will quit NXT. With this stipulation I believe it’s obvious that Zayn is going to finally win the big one and become NXT Champion. I have a feeling that Zayn’s celebration will be cut short by the debuting Kevin Owens.

What are your NXT Takeover R Evolution predictions? Sound off below in the comments.

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