NXT Take Over: Rival will be live tomorrow night on the WWE Network. This will be the fifth 2 hour special since the incarnation the Network. These shows have not disappointed and are the best pure wrestling shows that WWE produces. Here are my predictions for the night.

No Disqualification Match:
Baron Corbin vs. Bull Dempsy

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This has been a one sided rivalry for the most part with Baron Corbin having the advantage. The most Bull has been able to do is cost Corbin his first loss in the semifinals of the NXT number one contender tournament against Adrian Neville.  I would be surprised to see Bull Dempsy win this match. I see Corbin winning by hitting End of Days on a trash can or chair and finally ridding himself of Dempsy.

NXT Women’s Championship Match:
Charlotte vs. Bayley vs. Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch

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Rich and I got a taste of what this match will be like at the Tampa house show we dubbed The Greatest Night of Wrestling Nobody Saw. All alliances are out the window on this one. It seems this could be the end of Sasha and Becky’s partnership. I loved that they have allowed Bayley to turn up the aggression the last few weeks. I believe they’ll use a finish similar to the one at the Tampa show, but this time Sasha will not only win, she’ll become NXT Women’s Champion. With Sasha as champion it frees Charolette up to be called up to the main roster.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match:
Blake and Murphy vs. Lucha Dragons

20150201_EP_LIGHT_takeover_matches_tag-hpsource: wwe.com

At the Tampa house show I was shocked when I found out that Blake and Murphy had won the NXT Tag Titles. Since they’ve been on NXT they’ve jobbed to every other team. There was no real build up behind them suddenly winning matches. I feel they should have built the team up with multiple wins, which would have earned them the title shot at this event. Regardless, it seems that creative is behind Blake and Murphy and so are the NXT faithful. I see Blake and Murphy retaining over the Lucha Dragons. Hopefully this means they’ll be bringing up Kalisto to join Sin Cara on the main roster. There’s need to be more teams so we don’t get the same tag match every week on Raw or every pay-per-view.

NXT Championship No. 1 Contender’s Tournament Final:
Adrian Neville vs. Finn Balor

20150201_EP_LIGHT_takeover_matches_nevillebalor-hpsource: wwe.com

This is going to be an epic matchup. The conclusion of the number one contender tournament puts two of the best wrestlers in the world against each other. I’ve become a huge fan of Finn Bálor. His entrance at R Evolution was breathtaking. He’s had a ton of momentum going into this match and hasn’t been defeated in NXT yet. It’ll be a real close match, but I think Bálor foot stomps his way to a future NXT title match.

NXT Championship Match:
Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens

20150201_EP_LIGHT_takeover_matches_zaynowens_HPsource: wwe.com

Kudos to the Triple H and the NXT creative team on this story. They’ve renewed the rivalry between Owens and Zayn and added the new twist that Owens is jealous that Zayn got called by WWE before he did. This is going to be the first of many battles these two have in NXT. I know it’s not best practices to end shows with indefinite finishes, but to keep this feud going I see this match ending in a double knock out which can build up to a Last Man Standing or a disqualification which could set up a no holds barred match between the two. No matter how this match ends, it will be a classic.

Comment below with your NXT TakeOver: Rival Predictions.

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