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It’s The 2019 One Nation Radio Awards. The eighth annual show celebrates some of the best and worst of professional wrestling in 2019. The nominees almost entirely come from the promotions we cover throughout the year: AEW, NJPW, NXT, Stardom and WWE. This year we start a new tradition: we give out our 10 favorite matches in all of 2019, along with top 10’s from most of the contributors from our 2019 promotion review shows. Thank you for supporting One Nation Radio over the years. Enjoy the show!

Shawn Michaels In-Ring Performer of the Year (Best In Ring Performer) (4:48)

WWE/NXT Women’s Wrestler of the Year (7:59)

WWE/NXT Wrestler of the Year (13:10)

New Japan Wrestler of the Year (16:47)

Newcomer of the Year (First Year In A Major Promotion) (21:52)

Dusty Rhodes Promo Cutter of the Year (27:06)

AEW Wrestler of the Year (31:30)

Stardom Match of the Year (35:49)

AEW Women’s Wrestler of the Year (38:03)

Stardom Wrestler of the Year (40:20)

Bret Hart vs Stone Cold Steve Austin Feud of the Year (46:02)

Macho Man Randy Savage Best Dressed/Ring Gear Award (48:39)

Put ’em in a Coffin Award (Wrestler who needs to start completely over or Go Away) (51:58)

Most Disappointing (55:48)

Jeff Jarrett Finesser of the Year Award (Who Took Advantage Of Their Situations To Get The Most, Who Worked Their Way Into Big Spots, Who Was The Swiftest Business Person) (1:09:21)

Vince Russo/McMahon Who Booked this Shit? Award (1:17:01)

Gimmick of The Year (Best Vehicle To Get Over) (1:20:28)

WWE/NXT Match of the Year (1:23:16)

AEW Match of the Year (1:27:26)

New Japan Match of the Year (1:30:49)

PPV of the Year (1:35:03)

The Die Rocky Die Failure of the Year (Worst Long Term Direction Of The Year) (1:40:32)

Top Moment of the Year (Single Best Moment of the Year) (1:48:42)

Creative Success of the Year (1:50:54)

The IWC Award (Biggest Internet Controversy) (1:54:12)

Top 10 favorite matches of 2019:

Rich & James (2:02:42)

Jeremy Donovan (2:37:58)

Joshua Smith (2:43:14)

Dylan Fox (2:53:14)

The Implication (3:11:13)

Floyd Johnson (3:24:19)



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