In the WWE today… we have a little problem with a lackluster choice for the faces of the company and a missing link with a Champion who’s next scheduled appearance isn’t till Royal Rumble.

Now, I know we need a “now” solution, a breath of fresh air, but let’s be realistic and know we won’t get it now. Let’s set sights at least then to the first stop on the road to Wrestlemania.

These are my top five choices for Royal Rumble winners that can save us from a part time champion. 

5. Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle

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There has been recent buzz of Kurt Angle wanting to return to WWE on a lighter schedule rather than full time, but Triple H is reported saying he wants Angle back, but to full time contract. (Wanna know why, Kurt? Because he is the Game and he is that damn good!) So, I imagine buzz turns to real news, and we’ll see Angle back sooner than you expect.

And as such, a big Royal Rumble win for the Olympic Gold Medalist, would set the stage for a clash of giants. Wanna talk about twice in a lifetime? (Ha.) But honestly, at a wrestling level, Kurt would put the work to Brock. He’s done it before and by gosh jolly, he’ll do it again. Not to mention, a WWE World Heavyweight reign by Kurt would be a much needed change of pace.

4. Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose

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The Lunatic Fringe has been on fire as of late. Well, ever since he’s sprung out on his own a few months ago, but now more than ever with such a lack of star power. I mean, who better to run through the Royal Rumble and win the damn thing! With his stellar ring presence and fantastic way he grabs you into his segments, our era’s new anti hero is kicking some serious ass. And I really think his awkward and off the richter style would mesh well with the Beast Incarnate. Dean is going to be a big player in the WWE, as long as they utilize him well. Keep born to be stars in the back burner for too long, though and that’s how you get into situations like the one they are currently in. I look forward to seeing his showing at the Rumble this year.

 3. Roman Reigns

Roman Regins

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The Roman Empire crumbled a few months ago after Summerslam, when their new Emperor was injured by seemingly a middle school level injury. (Yeah, I said it. Hate me. That’s the kind of injury that sidelines you in your tweens, not now on the precipice of your launch into super stardom!) Reigns hit the WWE with the terrible news and his absense hasn’t been felt as much as I thought it would be.

That’s why this Universe is so hard to please sometimes. Because we’re like a Katy Perry song, sometimes we’re hot and then we’re cold, we’re in and then we’re out. So, if Reigns can’t make it back by Rumble, these fans might not give much of a damn after that. Albiet he has had a hell of a singles run with the matches he’s competed in and the guys he has defeated (like when he poisoned the Viper at Summerslam.) or how he dominated the 2013 Royal Rumble, but unlike Daniel Bryan, he hasn’t established himself enough, I feel, to keep this steam of his past Wrestlemania if he doesn’t show back up before then.

But man oh man, a clash with the Beast would be insane. A brawl would ensue between two monsters that’ll leave a wake of destruction around ringside. The two would play off each other well, and their both equally talented at selling for the other guy. (Though Brock never has to against his current line-up.) We can only hope Reigns is back to dawn the cape again by the Rumble… because the WWE Universe is in desperate need of Superman… now that we live in the era of Apocalypse.

2. Daniel Bryan

daniel bryan

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YES! YES! YES! It’s all I want to hear the fans say these days. The Universe is missing that jazz that a good catch phrase or the energy a larger than life character can bring. Daniel Bryan was that guy for the WWE. The Yes! Movement was a thing of beauty and executed well. (Though it took a catalyst of change to bring it about. Another thing only a few will admit.) And it was really shaping up to be Daniel Bryan’s time… but injury strikes again, as 2014 turns out to be one of the hardest years of wrestling the WWE has ever faced. Bryan was sidelined due to a serious neck injury, around the same time of his Father’s death. (Can’t Goat Face catch a break? Jeez.)

So, it was a mix of things I felt that led to it, but Daniel was stripped of the gold and sent home. Apparently his first surgery went well, but he’s still contemplating a second surgery to his elbow, while we struggle to come to grips with a conqueror as Champion. I know the WWE needs back the leader of the Yes! Movement, but if he recieves a second surgery, he may be out for another year and that would spell no bueno for the company that is already losing money.(9.99! 9.99! 9.99!)

But by some grace of God if that man’s music hits at the Rumble, it’s gonna be a fight at Mania. Brock is in for a techincal beat down that I think may surpass any meeting prior with the likes of Kurt Angle or other technical greats. Don’t get me wrong, the Beast Incarnate would beat the living hell out of Daniel Bryan, but not after getting knocked around the ring just as much. Wouldn’t know which finisher would be more appropriate (probably the Yes! Lock. Tap, Brock, tap.) but either one will lead to Daniel Bryan holding his championship again as the lights fade on Wrestlemania. Yes! Yes! Yes!

 1. CM Punk

cm punk

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It has been over 200 days since CM Punk has been in a WWE ring. This has been the longest amount of time we’ve been without the Voice of the Voiceless. From one major streak to another (maybe not one he was intending, but a streak nonetheless. Haha), it is no secret since the absence of Punk, the WWE has lost a lot. Be it in storyline progression to revenue, he has made an impact that I’m sure the Global company didn’t expect to be feeling. But they are.

And in recent months, there has been a black cloud over the relationship between the Best in the World and WWE. And the dispute over royalties made it seem there was no light at the end of the tunnel. But! An agreement seems to have been made, which is a step in the right direction. Out of any potential comeback, Punk is your biggest draw, not to mention he won’t sign another contract without a “Main Event Wrestlemania” clause.

And can you blame him? Being over looked time and time again is a rough spot to be in, you know? After you bust your ass day in and out, work through injuries and perform at a level unlike others around you, then your slapped with a mid marquee Main Event because a wrestler is making a few months come back or a part timer wants a shot at Main Eventing after taking it easy in their career all year. You would be frustrated too. I do miss the Second City Saint, but I don’t blame him for walking out. (But I am pissed he isn’t back yet. How can you change the game from home? You were on a breakthrough, you just needed to fight on a little longer.)

But if the WWE can just come to terms with Punk, we may be able to see him finally get that Royal Rumble win from 2014. Imagine the build up? The Best vs. The Beast 2. After conquering something Punk couldn’t (The man behind the 1 in 21 and 1!) and being pushed to the absolute limit at Summerslam by the Best in the World… a Wrestlemania clash would blow their first collision out of the water.

And throw a little Authority run-ins to strengthen it… and you have the potential for another Wrestlemania moment. But I want you all to know, even though these predictions may not come true… there is one thing that will and you can quote me now…Seth Rollins will cash in money in the bank at Wrestlemania 31.

Who do you want to win the 2015 Royal Rumble? Sound off in the comments below.

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