Survivor Series 2014 is this Sunday and is an important event that could make or break network subscriptions. I’ve signed up for the network from the very beginning and can’t see myself unsubscribing for any reason. Also this event will get us closer to Royal Rumble, which starts the road to Wrestlemania. Last month I was 7-1 in my Hell In A Cell predictions. Here are my Survivor Series 2014 predictions and I’m looking for a perfect record for this pay-per-view!

AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella

WWE Divas Championship

Survivor Series 2014 Aj vs. Nikki

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I know a lot of the IWC will be waiting to complain about this match, but I think it will be a decent match. As I’ve mentioned before both Bellas have improved the ring game and have had decent matches. Nikki’s Rack Attack finish looks so devastating! I don’t know why the fans don’t give her a break. Brie will still be serving as Nikki’s personal assistant for this match and I’m sure Nikki will attempt to use Brie to help her win the Diva’s title. I think this will back fire on Nikki and AJ will retain the Diva’s Championship.

Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match

WWE Tag Team Championship

Survivor Series 2014 Tag Titles

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Since the Usos lost the tag titles I feel like there’s been no clear direction or story development in the tag division. Los Matadores have defeated the champions several times and have not received a tag title shot. Goldust and Stardust have pretty much lost every non title match they’ve been in since winning the titles. I think we’ll see new tag champions in The Miz and Damien MizDow. With Miz and Mizdow winning we won’t be forced to see Usos and the Dust Brothers again. Don’t get me wrong I loved their matches but, we need some fresh matchups.

 Team Fox vs. Team Paige

Divas Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match


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This match was added earlier this week with very little build to it. This match is mainly about the fallout between Paige and Alicia Fox. I see Team Paige winning with Paige being the sole survivor.

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt

Lunatic Fringe vs. Eater Of Worlds


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The promos between both of these men have been amazing! This is not going to be a wrestling match this going to be a brawl. Appearantly Bray knows about Dean’s past and has mentioned his family and a mysterious girl. In one of Bray’ promos he said “she still cries for you.”. Is she Sister Abagail? Did Ambrose and Abagail have a relationship? Is Sister Abagail the woman who has saved Bray? There’s a lot of unanswered questions that make this feud so interesting. I think we might finally see the debut of the woman Bray is always mentioning which will distract Ambrose and allow Bray to get the win. Or it might be an Ambrose family member that debuts and cause the distraction, either way Bray is winning the fist battle of what should be a long war.

Team Cena vs. Team Authority

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match


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This is the most important match on the card. This match determines the future of storylines and the direction WWE will be going towards for Wrestlemania 31. If Team Authority to loses they’re out of power and if Team Cena loses all members are fired except Cena. We’ve been engrained with The Authority for so long it’s hard to picture what it would be like without them. The “losers get fired” stipulation is outdated and kayfabeish. We know that if they lose they’re really not getting fired and will be brought back somehow, So this match is very hard to predict especially with stars on both sides who need momentum. I see the match coming down to Cena against two of three of team Authority, probably Rollins, Harper, and Rusev. When it looks like Cena is done for, he’ll be saved by RKOs out of nowhere. Obviously the referee has to be taken down at some point but, I see Orton getting some revenge and helping Team Cena win and getting rid of The Authority. Also Cena needs to be strong going into his title match with Brock Lesnar. The next night on Raw Triple-H and Stephanie will complain that Team Cena cheated and they deserve one more chance.


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It’s being reported that The Man They Call Sting will be making his WWE debut at Survivor Series. If this true he’ll probably make his debut during the the main event helping Team Cena get the win. No matter what he does or how he shows up, I’ll be excited to see the Stinger finally in a WWE ring. It’s showtime!

What are your Survivor Series 2014 Predictions? Sound off below in the comments.

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