The Divas looked fabulous for SummerSlam, but that’s about it.  The women of NXT and the Divas of WWE had a great opportunity to show everyone what they are made of it, yet they were severely underwhelming if you ask me. The Divas are a fierce group to reckon with. However, I am hoping that soon, very soon, the Diva Championship will be up for grabs in this Divas Revolution. I mean really isn’t it time that Sasha overthrow Nikki for the Divas Champ title?

Divas Revolution

I still believe Sasha, Naomi, and Tamina are a force among themselves. Although Brie pinned Tamina, eliminating her and Team B.A.D. first, there is so much more fight left in them. There truly is no comparison between Nikki, Brie, and Alicia with Team B.A.D. Nikki lets Brie do her dirty work and Fox doesn’t really belong anymore.

Becky won the match for team PCB.

divas ss 2

But at the end of the day I think we can all agree that Tamina kicking the Asian dudes ass on Total Divas was a better match than the three team elimination match.


I want to see more of Tamina drop kicking any fool that tries to mess with her. That Idiot seriously tried to roundhouse kick her ha ha ha.


Alright Divas, seriously step it up. We are getting bored over here.

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