NXT Takeover Unstoppable is in the books, and while it wasn’t the best edition of Takeover, this was a worthy addition to what has become must see viewing for all fans of NXT. It was night of progression on many fronts. Progression when it comes to the Rise of Sasha Banks, to progression of the special “Big Show” set itself.

Instead of writing an immediate reaction column, I let the show marinate on my WWE Network for a few days, and re-watched a few things for additional perspective. They just seem to do WRESTLING the right way in NXT.


Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch

sashavbeckysource: wwe.com

While Sasha Banks has had solo matches at NXT Takeover events, this was truly the first one where the focus and glory went to her. Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch was another example of NXT’s women’s division putting something on the table that is as Gorilla Monsoon would say “A Main Event anywhere in the country!”

Sasha and Becky had a contest based on just hitting each other hard, and seeing who’s arm and neck could stand up to the punishment. Sasha Banks oozes star quality, and knows exactly who she is as a character.

Conversely, Becky Lynch has a feel good quality about her that many performers aren’t able to tap into. Her skipping, and head moves during her INCREDIBLE theme song are a perfect rallying cry for either a favorite or underdog. It’s borderline unbelievable that the same people are responsible for the tragedies that are Seth Rollins and Cesaro’s songs.

There are those online who have declared this clash of women the greatest women’s match of all-time instantly, but to say that would be disrespecting at least 3 other NXT women’s matches as in, Charlotte vs Sasha Banks, The Fatal 4 Way, and Charlotte vs Natalya. The hardcore community rushes to crown things without proper perspective at times, so while the match was VERY good, let’s not lose our minds here.

Finn Balor

finnsource: wwe.com

So, I’m not into comic books or anything, so in my eyes Finn Balor showed up dressed like a dreadlocked dragon, and it was absolutely great. Not only was he “painted up” on the front of his body, he showed off a new back version of it.  Balor will be a star for the next decade. He had a decent match as well with the always excellent Tyler Breeze, who was not to be outdone on the entrance front as well.

Samoa Joe Shows Up During Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn

joesource: wwe.com

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens met in a rematch for the NXT championship that was more compelling for the outside factors of the match than what actually happened. Due to Zayn being injured a few weeks ago, this became more of an angle and a way for NXT to write him off while having the long rumored debut of Samoa Joe. Also, Kevin Owens wrestles John Cena at Elimination Chamber. During the actual match portion, the two men put together exactly what we have come to expect from them before Sami Zayn went into his theatrics outside the ring. Owens’ merciless heel tactics, then sudden bitch mode when Joe appeared created a wonderful contrast of his heel persona. The “WHAT A FATHER!” chants must continue.

Samoa Joe’s debut was met with excitement as he stared down Kevin Owens to jumpstart a dream rivalry of many fans. I’m very much a fan of using older well known wrestlers to give the spotlighted NXT performers something to do other than beat each other.

Speaking of that, Baron Corbin took down Rhyno. Corbin is starting to get booed. Interesting.


While the best of the show was very good, like the great poet Shawty Lo once said, “There must be two sides.”

The tag team match of Charlotte/Bayley vs Dana/Emma just reeked of filler. The two stars of the match were on the same team, and newsflash it wasn’t Dana and Emma. The premise of Dana’s beef with Charlotte is okay, but Charlotte just feels so much more important than Dana. Ehhh match.

Alexa Bliss is now a heel?


When Alexa turned heel…..

I ain’t booing Alexa Bliss, y’all can’t make me bruh.

Also, get those belts off Blake and Murphy. ASAP.  My girlfriend referred to them as two Chris Jericho’s, which made me die laughing.  WCW Chris Jericho’s that is. Enzo and Cass’s journey will continue, but they were ready for those belts long ago.

How about the hokey injury angle where Hideo Itami was screaming in pain on the ground? I imagine Hideo slowly just laid on the ground minutes before the cameras came on, while someone coached him on how he should curl up and scream. This looked like a WCW angle.

Questions Going Forward.

With Samoa Joe’s debut how does Finn Balor factor in as the #1 Contender?

You have to wonder what exactly these #1 contender matches are for in NXT sometimes. Are they just a way to give the best guy not in the title picture a meaningful match, or are they really moving things forward. As I once explored with Sami Zayn, you have to question if we really want Balor to win the title, or just get moved up. Until this Samoa Joe program runs it’s course, expect Balor to just drag the rest of the roster…..Or…..Show up at Money In The Bank??? I’m just throwing it out there.

When will Uhaa Nation Make His Debut?

The man with no name, Uhaa Nation has been shown on NXT a few times in the crowd or in vignettes so the question is, when is this amazing athlete going to lace em up, and become WWE World Heavywei….hold on.  I’m getting ahead of myself. We will just have to be patient. Don’t mess it up HHH.

Uhaa didn’t even read the contract….I’M ALREADY CONCERNED!

Is Tyler Breeze maxed out?

When talks of call-ups happen its usually guys like Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, or Sami Zayn types, but its fair to ask…Has Tyler Breeze reached his ceiling? Is he capable of being a compelling heel on the main roster? In NXT he’s in the same position he was a year ago, having matches with the NXT 5 that enhance them, and leave him picking up the pieces.

Who does Sasha Banks fight next? There’s always Charlotte, but it feels like there is more to gain in extending her beef with Becky Lynch. As well as their first match went over, I wouldn’t be shocked if we were crowning Becky Lynch the new champion in 3 months.

Last Words….

I Know you folks saw Eva Marie….Get Ready.

Until Next Time…

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