The New Day : Kofi, Big E, Xavier And How They Won

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The New Day won. It’s over. Straight up.

For far too long Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods were in WWE looking for ways to translate their true selves to the WWE audience. Each man’s route to nirvana within The New Day was one filled with failure (think Xavier Woods being teamed with R-Truth for no reason), misuse (So Kofi isn’t one of the best wrestlers in the world?), and false opportunity (Enough IC and US Title transitional runs to roll your eyes back like Walmart prices).

Now as one of WWE’s top acts, and unquestionably the class of the Non-Cena/Non Main Event division, they have defied odds by simply getting the chance to be the men they are. A group of guys who feast on the latest internet memes, incorporate them into their latest slang, and literally rank on everything. Sounds like my group of friends truthfully.

In a business that is typically 3 to 5 years late on what is popular in regular culture, The New Day is more plugged in than almost any group of characters ever, for their ability to take whats funny to them and get it over with everyone. Their influence is seeming to rub off on Team B.A.D when Sasha Banks busted out the “WHY YOU ALWAYS LYIN” gag to Nikki Bella.

Their over the top nature is knee-slappingly funny, and their sheer torment of interviewers harken back to when The Rock would embarass Kevin Kelly or Jonathan Coachman verbally, or flirt with Lillian Garcia, when they talk with JoJo or Eden Stiles. And who could forget them re-arranging John Cena’s slogan into “HUSTLE, LOYALTY…BOOTY”

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how they got to this point. Originally, Xavier Woods began stopping matches involving Big E and Kofi Kingston, and implored them that it was time to “TAKE” or whatever that meant. Immediately, Nation of Domination 2.0 got thrown out there by fans, and the crew began appearing together, scowling while dressed in black and gray.

Then they were gone.

They re-appeared in awkward over the top church promos that were so hokey, they felt like a set-up for a heel turn. But they weren’t, they showed up exactly as those dudes and someone in the back expected them to just be loved. Sheesh

Needless to say, that portion of their run birthed the “NEW DAY SUCKS” chants which sparked an idea. If we wanted to boo them so bad, they’d give us a reason to. Funny how that tends to work for guys.

Rebirthing themselves as basically the black Freebirds, with Xavier Woods in full Bundini Brown mode anytime E and Kofi were in the ring, their obnoxiousness and comedic talents have shined on a level that wasn’t expected of them. Woods has said something to the effect of, “Just give us a chance to fail.” In regards to their pitch to WWE. Well they didn’t.

Here are some of my personal favorite New Day Moments.

Kofi’s Classic Clap/Skip Entrance

The New Day Dance With The Authority

The New Day Torment Michael Cole

There are more but you get the point.


Kofi Kingston first showed up in WWE in 2008, what seems like decades ago at this point. Over that time, he’s filled every role in the mid-card as a babyface. He had several runs with both the Intercontinental Championship, and United States Championship, and even filling in as a Tag Team Champion on a few occasions, His one shot at the top seemed to come in 2009, during a program with Randy Orton where he had his most defining pre New Day moment, when he jumped from the balcony onto a table laid Viper in Madison Square Garden.

However, after that Kofi just kind of meandered through, being a fan favorite and showing tremendous feats of athleticism in each passing Royal Rumble and Money In The Bank match. After breaking through the Jamaican era of his gimmick, Kofi was just a smiling black guy who seemed content with his secure spot, wrestling Dolph Ziggler in a best of 1000 series that only the deepest fans knew existed.

With The New Day, Kofi got his long awaited heel turn but got to keep what made him so electric in the first place. He has a magnetism that the audience is just drawn to. Whether it be the freak athleticism, or the bright colors combined with the awesome gear. He has been a breakout star with The New Day, and could end up moonlighting as a main eventer at some point if things keep up.


Future World Champion.

Those were the words I used to describe Big E when I first learned of his existence. As the second ever NXT Champion, Big E debuted as a bodyguard for Dolph Ziggler, and had his first match at Wrestlemania 29, against Team Hell No. His power stood up against anyones, and he was full of personality, but once again he was somewhat shackled in what he could do. With AJ and Dolph leading their trio, Big E took whatever scraps he could, until the team eventually split, and Big E found himself face to face wtih CM Punk one night on Smackdown.

After an awesome showing against the former best in the world, he came to Punk’s rescue after Paul Heyman ran him down with a few choice words. He was quickly promoted to the Intercontinental Championship just before Survivor Series 2013, and began defending it as a babyface throughout that winter, and subsequent Wrestlemania season. However, Big E just came off as a guy. With no Wrestlemania match on the horizon, he was an after thought in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal, while holding the championship.

Once again, Big E flashed tons of personality but had his legs cut off when he was defeated by Bad News Barrett for the title.


I have no idea how Woods was expected to get over by stealing his entrance music, and looking like Apollo Creed on the set of a soul-glo commercial. Not much else to note there.

Thank god Rusev showed up and started beating all the black dudes up. As a black man I wasn’t particularly pleased with Rusev’s choice of victims, but once Woods, E, and Kofi started making light of it all on Twitter, those 3 had a rallying point.

As previously mentioned, their short lived period of wanting to “TAKE” didn’t end up being their final form. After a run of being booed out of the building following church vignettes, The New Day was unleashed as every popular jock with athletic ability, and the mouth to back it up.

Following Jey Uso’s untimely injury, The New Day version 2 stormed the tag team division by having great showings with Cesaro and Tyson Kidd, trading the titles with The Primetime Players, and killing The Dudley Boys segment for segment. They’ve become walking GIF material anytime they show up on our screens, whether its Big E gyrating, Kofi’s skip clap, or Woods displaying his Trombone acumen.

The New Day started winning when they became themselves. As new age black men who could have fun without playing into every stereotype, they’ve redefined what young black fans can look at in WWE. For far too long it had to be someone rapping, smiling overtly, marketed as just an athlete or being angry. They’ve become the new standard by taking bits and pieces from all the previous tropes, and winking at the camera as to say “Yeah we know what you’re expecting of us, but watch how we spin this.”

It’s hard to say where The New Day goes next. They certainly still have the ability to be heels due to their obnoxious nature, but the door could be wide open to become faces again. Whatever they do, let’s just hope the break-up is a long time away…Why?

Because….. NEW…..DAY….ROCKS……NEW…..DAY…..ROCKS!

They invented a new cheer cadence for christ sakes! Give these dudes an award!!!






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