DISCLAIMER: The views expressed on this podcast are those solely on this very podcast. We just mess around and have a good time but we do go on side tracks and curse a lot. It’s what shitposting is.

The original video stream can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILYW-P4UPTE&t=48s

The Wrestling Disaster is a bunch of wrestling shitposters talking about the world of wrestling. We talk WWE, AEW, puroresu, lucha and old school. We have a vast array of shitposters led by one Danny Kuchler who founded The Wrestling Disaster as the wrestling world was getting too vast for The Sports Disaster to cover. Do not take what we say seriously, this is all in good fun, unless you’re the El Cancerdors known as CM Punk and Dax Harwood.

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