Top Rope Tuesday – News Recap

Good Evening folks, this is Robert, your newest writer for Social Suplex! I’ll be covering news content and reactions for the site, with my first post about Starrcade live here! It’s so great to be apart of the team, and with this post, I’l be introducing my first segment of the week. Top Rope Tuesdays will cover all the big stories in the world of the WWE from the weekend and Raw, so make sure you check us here at Social Suplex every week! With all the Survivor Series fallout behind us, WWE will start it’s long, arduous road to WrestleMania. Lots of things in the industry everywhere, so let’s get into it.


  • Hideo Itami comes to 205 Live – In the first bit of news running around, Hideo Itami is set to (finally) make his main roster debut on 205 Live. Wow, what a dropped ball that is the grappler formally known as KENTA. To think that this man helped usher in Finn Balor to the NXT audience (more on Finn’s woes later), to see Video take so long to make it to the main roster, and on 205 at that, is heartbreaking. However, he wasn’t going anywhere in NXT, and this is better than him getting dropped. Let’s hope they tie him with a good mouthpiece, and that he kicks Enzo’s head back to the march booth. 


  • Matt Hardy is Woken? – Last night on Raw, Matt Hardy continued his losing ways in a bout against Bray Wyatt, but, broke out into DELETE chants to end the segement. He further teased being awoken on Twitter, signaling that him and the WWE may have won the rights to the ‘BROKEN’ gimmick that gave the Hardyz a third wind in their storied double decade career. With Jeff out on the bench, this is a perfect time to spring the gimmick into play, even if it’s by way of feud with a misused Bray Wyatt. 

  • Emma has her first indie appearance – Emma is now booking Indie appearances, her first since being let go from the company. I find this so bittersweet, especially in the wake of Paige coming back. I credit Emma and Paige’s ferocious match for the Women’s strap in NXT as the true beginning of the Women’s Revolution movement, and to see her go is particularly wack. Here’s to many successes to Tenille on her indie endeavors.



  • Brock Lesnar Returns Dec. 18th 
  • WWE Officials Considering Women’s Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber
  • The New Day announce the Book of Booty!
  • AJ Styles vs. Jinder Mahal confirmed for Clash of Champions

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