After Eva and Nikki’s heated debate about the reigning Diva’s champ, Eva was nowhere to be seen on this past episode of Total Divas. Maybe she is in hiding after she made an idiot of herself in front of all the girls OR maybe she is actually training really hard to prove her worth in WWE and become the NXT Divas champ, we will see.

This time the heated debate was between Paige and Alicia Fox. Paige did Alicia wrong by not wanting to move in with her at the last minute, she goes back on her promise, and I can understand Alicia’s frustration. The way Alicia decided to take her frustration out on Paige was entirely wrong. During Alicia’s housewarming party, she is sure to give a toast to Paige and her new beau Kevin Skiff and of course she adds in that Paige was supposed to move in with her. Thanks to Kevin for stealing Paige away!


Alicia has a little too many cocktails and ends up taking jabs at Paige and Kevin throughout the night. Paige tries to brush it off, but it comes back in a heap of fury while they are traveling on the road to their next WWE show. Paige FREAKS out on Alicia and ends up calling Trinity and rides in the car with her and Jon.


After Trinity speaks some words of wisdom into Paige they both realize that maybe she is having a hard time with relationships. Alicia finally admits that she is still in love with ex-boyfriend, Wade Barrett. We will just have to see where this fling goes.

Alicia and Paige weren’t the only pair fighting this week. Nattie and TJ get into a heated debate after it seems quite evident that she has a problem with the word, NO! Nattie ends up committing to taking in an abundance of stray cats from the Rebels Rescue center. TJ has no idea that Nattie has taken this on and is infuriated when all of the cats show up to live around their pool.


Not only does Nattie take on all of the cats, but later on in the show Nattie also tells Titus, Adam Rose, and Heath Slater that they can road trip it with them to the next WWE show. Heath tells them that his friend owns a place where they can have dinner, however, this place ends up being a strip club and TJ is not too happy about it. TJ decides to pout in the car while Nattie takes the stage with the girls.


Eventually, Nattie realizes that she really needs to learn how to tell people No and her and TJ come to an understanding.


Daniel Bryan and Nikki also get into a heated debate. What is this, the week of fights between Best Friends?? GESSH! Daniel is sick of Nikki coming to the house and thinking that she owns the place. After taking over his closet, Daniel and Brie take Nikki’s clothes out to the barn. Once Nikki discovers this she is not too happy about it (I mean come on- she has super expensive shoes in there!).


After enduring jabs about not having kids and being stuck up, Nikki finally sticks up for herself in the car ride to the next show while riding with Brie. After a long intense conversation, Brie calls Daniel and ask if he hates Nikki. He finally opens up to her and lets her know that he shows his affection through teasing. Brie also reminds Nikki of the time that Daniel bought her roses for Valentine’s Day when she didn’t have a valentine. See, they are one big happy family!


I guess all of these fights just go to show that sometimes road tripping it for several hours with your best friend is not always the best thing. Hopefully once they get to their destination they will be in much better spirits. We will just have to wait and see, maybe Eva will be there waiting for them. Highly unlikely.


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