It’s a very February week in February and the girls do a quick check-in about some of the stuff we haven’t been talking about in the other company and recommend some of the very good podcasts in our little community. Then we turn our attention to this week in AEW, where we try to make sense of the FTR/Daniel Garcia relationship, and how it’s intersecting with The Patriarchy. Is Daniel Garcia just standing in for Adam Copeland? Speaking of Big Cope, we watched Percy Jackson, and honestly, it got us a little FEVERED. We’re priestesses of Ares now, for sure. Swerve and Hangman had their 3rd match this week, and well. We sure said what we saw. Those men….communicated. With their Bodies. We discuss some of the Heel/Face dynamic stuff going on with them, and what things we’re struggling to make sense of. Then it’s over to the other sexiest feud of the week, Deonna and Toni! The ex-friends met in the ring, and Toni took a big old SNIFF of her rival. The woman is out of her MIND, and we’re obsessed. Then, Sting and Darby fought Ricky and Big Bill and took the belts as expected. But Sting and his large adult sons did not get to celebrate for long, because the Evil EVPs came out—god we love them. WE LOVE YOU MATTHEW AND NICHOLAS. Finally, we’re still on Best Friends watch—either everything means nothing or this time, something means everything. We’re still debating! Join us!

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(00:00) Chitchat time

(07:31) WWE Lawsuit discussions

(15:35) Mark Briscoe/FTR/DG

(23:59) Percy Jackson

(26:47) Swerve and Hangman

(45:17) Deonna and Toni

(59:49) Tag Team

(1:18:01) Best Friends

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