We’re still in the most February February of all February, but your girls march on, cackling all the way. Dynamite this week was hmm…subpar, but we made the most of it it anyway with our admiration of new Best Friends member Jake Hager. Wardlow yelled at us for approximately 20 minutes, but he had a good clear enunciation so that’s something. But hey, Hangman and Swerve are still trying their best to tell us a story, and Christian remains the GOAT, the best in the biz, the only one who knows how to do it. Thank you Christian, and long live the patriarchy! After we work through our Dynamite review, we get down to what we really came here to do: assign wrestlers to Percy Jackson-style Greek god cabins. Join us!

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00:00 Chitchat time

08:14 OC and The Kingdom

20:45 Wardlow

32:08 Title Scene

39:54 Christian and Garcia

44:50 Sting and Darby

49:56 Percy Jackson Game!

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