Why Nikki Bella Is The Best All Around WWE Diva Today

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I want you all to listen to me very, very carefully and get one thing straight. There’s only one voice in the Diva’s division, only one and that is the voice that is coming from the top. – Nikki Bella

Every time Nikki Bella is on the mic or in the ring, my Twitter timeline floods with people hating on her. Several tweets saying that Nikki can’t wrestle or she’s the worst diva on the roster. Well, I beg to differ. Constantly on this site I’ve defended Nikki over and over again and I’m hoping this post will enlighten some and take the wool from their eyes. Here’s why I think Nikki Bella is the best all around WWE Diva today.

First of all, in the entertainment business certain roles require a certain appearance. WWE has never flat out said it, but they’re looking for attractive women with an athletic build. They’re looking for a woman that is so appealing that when a man is channel surfing that they would have to stop and watch. JR said in a recent podcast interview with Melina, that when he was scouting for divas they were pretty much told to look for 10s. Nikki Bella is a sight for sore eyes and embodies the “look” that WWE is secretly always looking for. Obviously there’s more to a woman and a WWE Diva than just their looks and sex appeal. The Diva’s tagline is smart, powerful, and sexy. From what I can see Nikki Bella is all three.

Nikki Bellasource: wrestlezone.com

 Now let’s talk about her in-ring work. Nikki has improved leaps and bounds in her current run in WWE from when she and Brie debuted in 2008. She has good psychology and is very aggressive in the ring. Her progression reminds me of Trish Stratus. Trish went from just a manager to one of the best women’s wrestlers of all time. Nikki has gone from twin magic and fighting over Daniel Bryan to one of the best Diva’s Champions in the modern era. Despite being painted as just a Total Divas reality star, you can tell that Nikki wants to be known as a great women’s wrestler. She has the most devastating signature and finisher out all the Divas. I cringe a little every time I see her hit that forearm smash followed by the Rack Attack. If you look back at all the pay-per-view matches she’s been in the last year they’ve all been pretty decent. I think people think Nikki can’t wrestle is because she doesn’t do a ton of high spots, hurricanranas, and submissions. Her selling is also great. There have been a couple times recently where she has taken a bump and I thought she was legitimately hurt.  There are several other good in ring workers currently on the diva’s roster such as Paige, Natalya, and AJ. Nikki has had no problem hanging in the ring with these divas and having good matches with them. One of my favorite matches is a match she had with Paige in January on Main Event.


One thing that separates Nikki from the pack is her character. She’s not just another crazy chick that yells and screams. She plays this very arrogant, self-centered, high maintenance woman who thinks she’s God’s gift to women’s wrestling. They say the greatest characters are when someone takes their personality and turns it up to 10. This exactly what Nikki has done. You can see on Total Divas her expensive taste and the attitude she gets when she feel she has been wronged. Now I know it’s not always the divas fault why they have no character traits that separate them from each other and that falls on the creative and the lack of time that is devoted to diva storylines. Despite that Nikki always makes the most of her camera time and maximizes her minutes. Nikki might not be the greatest female talker of all time, but whenever she gets on the mic, she demands the crowd’s attention and gets her point across.


The face of women’s wrestling just the men’s wrestling changes with time. In the early 90s, you had Sunny and Sable. In the late 90s, it was Lita and Trish. Moving forward to the early 200os it was Mickie James, Beth Phoenix and Michelle McCool. For the last seven years, it has been Nikki and Brie. When the Bella Twins left in 2012 there was a lull in the Diva’s Division. With their return in 2013 and the launch of Total Divas, the Divas division received new life and attention. It might sound weird to stay, but the Bellas are veterans of the diva’s locker room and are high in the pecking order behind and in front of the camera. When Nikki and Brie hang their boots up for good, WWE is going to need to have divas on deck who can transition into the role of being the face of the Diva’s locker room. As proved in the Bellas’ absence in 2012, not everyone is capable of that role.


I know that the Diva’s tag match probably won’t get much time, but I’m looking forward to seeing Nikki in the ring doing what she does best. This is my opinion and I would love to hear yours.

Do you agree with me? If not who do you consider the best all around WWE Diva today?

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