WrestleMania 32, Can I Have Your Attention Please?

by Apr 2, 20160 comments

Dear WrestleMania 32,

My name is Sherron Watson, I’m a writer for a wrestling website where myself and others write about what we love, which is professional wrestling. You, WrestleMania, made wrestling, or sports entertainment as big as it is and without you I probably would not be a fan right now. For that I thank you, but I have to come to clean WrestleMania, I’m fearful. Fearful that you won’t be as enjoyed as much as you were when you were 15 or 17 or 18 or 20. Ever since 2004, you could be a little spotty in what you bring to the audience. This year when you’re trying your best to be the best you can be, it’s scary what you came up with. However I believe in you, I really do. The past two years your buildup wasn’t anything special but you produced good shows, just please keep these in mind on April 3…


Dear WrestleMania, please allow a young and credible superstar win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. You were on the right path when you were 30 when Cesaro was victorious, but nothing was done with him afterwards and it was just a disappointment. For last year, Big Show won for practically no reason and him winning wasn’t mentioned again until last Monday when you’re pushing this year’s battle royal. May I suggest Damien Sandow? Heath Slater?


Dear WrestleMania, one of your mistakes is pitting The Usos against The Dudleys. Not that it won’t be a good match, but because we’ve already seen it multiple times and nobody is interested, especially since it isn’t a Tables match where tables are the premise of The Dudleys’ heel turn.


Dear WrestleMania, many people are interested in seeing Lana wrestle so this 10-Diva tag team match is not a bad idea, but I just hope it’s not a cluster. I hope you give these ladies some time. Except Eva Marie. Please.


Dear WrestleMania, nobody cares about Kalisto vs. Ryback. Nobody.


Dear WrestleMania, Charlotte, Becky and Sasha have a chance to steal the show, don’t ruin it. Let them have a good 15-minute match and let each of them shine on the big stage. We don’t need any Ric Flair kisses or distractions. You are WrestleMania, keep the B.S for Payback.


Dear WrestleMania, it’s a mistake to not have New Day defending their championship, especially if they’re now the top babyface team. We’ve already seen them face League of Nations 2 times in the last month, we didn’t need this match.


Dear WrestleMania, everyone who will be watching will agree that Kevin Owens should be defending his Intercontinental Championship against Sami Zayn in a singles match and not a 7-Man Ladder match with 5 other guys who don’t belong. It’s an even bigger mistake placing 7 men in a Ladder match when wrestlers are getting injured left and right. Please keep the focus on Owens and Zayn, no shenanigans.


Dear WrestleMania, Styles vs. Jericho should have some kind of stipulation on it seeing as this is their fourth match and the build to this one is just that Styles wants a match on the show. This seems very lazy. I know it’s going to be a great match, but I’m not excited going into it when I should be, you’re WrestleMania.


Dear WrestleMania, you’ve built Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar’s No Holds Barred match beautifully. No complaints here, perfection. All I ask is to have Ambrose win to make him into a big deal again, especially since he got thrown out of the Rumble by Triple H, lost his Intercontinental title, was pinned at Fastlane, and was cleanly defeated at Roadblock. Brock Lesnar is a beast and a loss won’t hurt him.


Dear WrestleMania, you’ve built Shane McMahon vs. Undertaker well, I guess. There are a few holes in it, but the basics are there so I’m ready for the match. You seemed to have booked yourself into a corner with the stipulations, either you give people change that they’ve wanted for over two years, but you take yourself away from The Undertaker, or you built towards giving people change and take it away and laugh in their face. It seems like a lose-lose situation, but I’m sure you have something up your sleeve so for now I trust you with this match.


Dear WrestleMania, I have no energy to express the disappointment in you for the build for Triple H vs. Roman Reigns. I mean Roman Reigns was gone for most of this build and he’s (assumingly) in the main event. It’s preposterous, it really is. At this point, it may be better to have Triple H retain so you don’t end with Roman being booed out of the building. We’re all on the edge of our seat to see what you do here and we’re all expecting disappointment, but just like I’ve told you, I believe in you.

Yes, WrestleMania, you aren’t the best this year, but you can be pretty damn good. It’s all based on how you present it to us and what the outcomes are. Don’t be selfish, you’re an event and a business that’s supposed to provide entertainment to your fans, if your fans aren’t being entertained, why bother?

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