Episode 20 is here pals! It’s our Chris Things Art “Match of the Week” Edition with returning guest host, my good buddy Jaims Vanderbeek to discuss a match & feud that I love dearly; it’s STING vs. VADER from WCW Great American Bash ’92! We talk all about this bloody great match along with much early 90s WCW nostalgia & all sorts of nonsense side-bars from Rick Rude’s amazing selling of ‘Atomic Drops’, to the joys of mullet-moustachioed referees, to Sting/The Police musical recommendations. We also talk the AEW Reviolution PPV from Greensboro & the big retirement match of one of both of our favourites, the man called Sting. In the intro monologue, I discuss my latest tee design launch and this weeks’ Wrestling-Art exhibition at Brisbane’s Netherworld Bar/Arcade. Enjoy!!

Check out the Chris Things MOTW illustrations in question here: Sting vs Big Van Vader

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