Episode 9; is here! A very special episode; “Wrestling Art Curator” IS BACK! My special-edition interview series focusing on the art practices of other rad wrestling-artists! The 2nd ever guest artist being the ridiculously talented Jonathan McBurnie!! 

Funnily enough, yet another fellow Aussie, Jonathan is an artist, writer, cartoonist, curator & is the Director of the Rockhampton Museum of Art. Jonathan even curated an entire wrestling-art themed art show; ‘WrestleMANIA’ at the Rockhampton Museum of Art late last year. “The exhibition examined the enigmatic entertainment of professional wrestling in all its spectacle, psychology, and humour through the work of 20 contemporary artists across sculpture, painting, cartoons, and new media”. We chat some amazing behind the scenes stories of this show (including a live-wrestling portion!), Jonathan’s practice, what got him into ‘Wrestling Art’, what interests him about this sub-genre as well as who & what most inspires him to make it. A really fun philosophical chat about fine art, wrestling & all things in-between! Thank you so much Jonathan!!

“Professional wrestling is a strange beast. Not quite sport, not quite theatre, it exists in a grey area between forms as a sincere, misunderstood, and yet incredibly self-aware art form.”

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