205 Clive’s Purple Brand Review: A New Power Couple Join 205 Live

After Buddy Murphy’s surprise victory over Cedric Alexander to win the Cruiserweight Championship at Super Show-Down, it promises to be an interesting episode of 205 Live to say the least. With the pattern of Alexander’s title reign being somewhat uninspiring, Murphy’s win was welcomed enthusiastically by yours truly. Let’s see what tonight’s episode brings!

The show kicks off with highlights from last Saturday’s match in Australia, in front of Murphy’s hometown crowd in Melbourne. Reliving the action here puts me back into that rare mental space of being completely unsure of what would unfold. Maybe not 205 Live’s best ever match, but a memorable occasion nevertheless.

Vic Joseph, along with Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson, welcome us to tonight’s 205 Live. They go on to discuss one of tonight’s matches, Tony Nese vs Cedric Alexander, a match made thanks to a Twitter “beef” between the two, as the Premier Athlete was very vocal with his support for friend and new Champion, Murphy.

Lio Rush Open Invitational

After a chorus of boos from the crowd, and the usual self praise from Rush, the Man of The Hour introduces the 205 Live audience to his open invitational. The first man to seize the opportunity is Lucha House Party’s Lince Dorado

Lio Rush vs Lince Dorado

An interesting choice to answer the challenge this week. With the Lucha House Party still licking their wounds as their masks have been targeted by TJP in recent weeks, Dorado looks to restore some pride to his faction.

The luchador starts off well, matching Rush’s speed in the early proceedings. A patented Rush handstand kick to Dorado spills him to the floor however, with Rush living up to his name in the form of a bullet-speed suicide dive through the bottom two ropes.

Rush takes Dorado into the corner and punishes him for daring to upstage the 23 Year Old Piece of Gold. He now has Dorado grounded with a rear bear hug. Cries of “Lucha” from the crowd will Dorado on, but only momentarily, as Rush regains the momentum.

Adding insult to injury, Rush surveys the stricken Dorado, looking to detach the mask from Dorado’s face. After what has happened recently, this only fires Dorado up, the adrenaline allowing him to fight back with significant impact. A cross body from the top rope earns Dorado a near fall.

Rush seems rocked, but a superkick and subsequent roundhouse floors Dorado. A modified “Unprettier” sees the ref count a long two. The frantic reversals and dodges have intensified between the two. Rush looks to capitalise with an Irish whip, but Dorado borrows moves from Kalisto in a final ascent to victory over Rush.

All of a sudden, Maria Kanellis comes down the ramp to her music. The distraction to Dorado’s attempted frog splash allows Mike Kanellis to rush the ring from the crowd and throw Dorado from atop the turnbuckle. The referee calls for the match to be stopped due to the interference.

It looks like we have another weight cutter, ladies and gentlemen! I’m always open to more fresh faces on 205 Live, but the added variable of Mike having his wife as a valet/manager is an interesting twist for the future of 205 Live.

Winner by DQ: Lince Dorado

We get a video from new Champion, Buddy Murphy, who is still in Melbourne. The cocky Australian won’t be on 205 Live this week, deciding he’ll come back when he wants. Sigh…

Cedric Alexander is backstage with Mustafa Ali (who announces that he has a Falls Count Anywhere match with Hideo Itami on 205 Live in two weeks time). Ali is concerned for Alexander, who has immersed himself in a feud with Nese so quickly after losing his title. Alexander assures Ali that all is well, and he is OK to compete.

We are then shown footage of Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher’s betrayal of Brian Kendrick last week. Gulak and Gallagher are backstage, explaining that Kendrick had become weak and sentimental, and they can’t have that mentality as part of their mission going forward. They explain that Akira Tozawa, another thorn in their side, will face Gulak next week in their quest to make a… (altogether now)… Better 205 Live!

Tony Nese vs Cedric Alexander

Tony Nese’s stock is better than it was a couple of weeks ago. After an impressive showing against Johnny Gargano on last week’s NXT, can Nese use that confidence to pile another loss onto Alexander’s record tonight?

The pair lock up, a battle of strength and agility being the initial motives in this match. Nese shows off with some gymnastics to avoid an Alexander attack. Alexander soaks up the gloating, reverting back to the drawing board.

Nese has an armbar locked in. Alexander twists and contorts his body to reverse the move, then takes Nese into the corner. More showboating frustrates Alexander, but this time his ire is focussed, as he begins to dominate Nese aggressively.

Alexander repeatedly grabs Nese by the hair, trying to bring him back into the ring. Referee Charles Robinson pulls him back, calming him down, but Nese takes advantage, violently dragging Alexander out of the ring and spilling him nastily onto the floor.

Alexander has slowed as a result. He is able to fend off Nese’s offense at first, but after running the ropes, he crashes straight into a devastating lariat from Nese. The Premier Athlete has Alexander grounded with a scissor waist lock from behind.

Nese is in control. He is executing his gameplan well, but not to perfection. His trademark apron to rope moonsault sees his ribs unfortunately take the brunt of Alexander’s knees.

Nese is winded now, Alexander taking full advantage with a chain of his signature offense shortening any chance of Nese gaining an upset win.

The exertion sees Alexander winded too now. The pair exchange roll-up pins. Alexander escapes first and nails Nese with a short version of the Mishunoku Driver. A mere two-count leaves Alexander bemused and floundering. He attempts a springboard flatliner, but Nese is there to halt any momentum. Another week, and another spirited display from Nese on a WWE fringe product show!

Both men are resorting to chops and clubs now, the aesthetically pleasing offense of earlier taking a backseat as they become more tired and desperate by the second.

A neuraliser from Alexander isn’t enough to win the match, as Nese kicks out. Neither is a Spanish fly, as Nese barely touches the ropes with his foot before Robinson can count to three.

Alexander cuts a severely frustrated figure tonight. It seeks like he can’t put Nese away at all despite using all the offense available in his arsenal.

Nese uses Alexander’s mindset to his advantage. A German suplex into the corner is followed by a Running Nese. Ensuring Alexander stays down however, Nese puts the final nail in the coffin with a 450 splash, earning a big victory, probably the biggest in Tony Nese’s career.

Winner: Tony Nese

All of a sudden, Cedric Alexander has some character! So comfortable in his role as Champion before Saturday, Alexander simply doesn’t know who he is anymore. His frustration, desperation, and vulnerability gives him something to overcome, other than the “challenger of the month” who threatens to take away his title. Well, he doesn’t gave that title anymore. Before he finds the Championship again, he has to find himself.

In the meantime, if you want to hear more WWE opinion from “Clive” outwith the 205 Live bubble, check out my podcast, “The Ricky & Clive Wrestling Show”, on the Social Suplex Podcast Network. Ricky & Clive reunite to discuss the positives and negatives of WWE Super Show-down. They delve into whether the term “glorified house show”, used to describe events such as SSD, Greatest Royal Rumble, and the upcoming “Crown Jewel” is merited or unfair. They also look at the ongoing impact that part-timers have on the product. And they finish with a traditional “Who Am I Quiz”, with a more than necessary amount of awful jokes dotted throughout.

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