• Still fun to play despite its various amounts of problems
  • The custom premade arenas are beautiful. My favorites being the snow arena, and the future WrestleMania arena.
  • Additional rivalry slot was a godsend.
  • Creation suite is good, but the whole having to unlock articles of clothing, and gear through ranking up is bad, and idk why that was made into a thing.
  • I hate that stuff like having a certain earring means you cannot have a certain hairstyle, or you can have certain pants, with certain belts or waist accessories. This was the same issue in 2K19, and it feels stifling at times.
  • Collision detection is horrible. Sometimes I’ll superkick someone and it does not faze them at all.
  • Resiliency payback ability kind of sucks because the A.I. kicks out too early after the 2 count.
  • The kick out animation is annoying. Every time you go for a pin and the opponent kicks out your character does an “I can’t believe it” animation that breaks up the pacing and match flow.
  • My career was at least more fun to watch people play just for the cutscenes alone, but I think something like a callback to the “Road to WrestleMania” series from the SmackDown vs RAW games would be way more enjoyable for people to play.
  • Promos in Universe mode is an alright system in my opinion, but a few things are very wrong. If you set up a promo between two people on the show after a PPV title match, the promo dialogue starts out with options that act as if the loser did indeed lose the match. The problem is that after they call out the champion, suddenly the loser gets the champion dialogue options, and the champion gets options that suggest that they lost the match when they did not. Also, the call-out system is not good. You call someone out, and then the options suggest you were interrupted. Just add an “Interrupt promo” setting for the next game and fix the call out dialogue.
  • No options for backstage promos or even promos in various settings like on the street, anywhere backstage, in a hotel, or even on the titantron via satellite. It needs variety.
  • Created arenas are breeding grounds for games crashing.
  • Cannot do backstage brawls in created arenas.
  • Community Creations is so slow to load, and download. I use high quality, wired, gigabit connection from Verizon, and community creations still take a few seconds too long to load when you switch pages.
  • Various bugs that make no sense. My game once crashed recently when I applied lipstick to a created women’s wrestler. The game sometimes crashes when moving from a promo segment to a match in universe mode.
  • Universe mode deletes matches, and feuds frequently. Very annoying to work around.


  • New arena templates. The old MSG entranceway. If you do not know how it looks, search for Cena’s return at the 2008 rumble, or any MSG WWE show before 2011. The WrestleMania 14 entranceway that starts off to the right, and then goes down the middle would also be a cool addition. Basically, the same cookie-cutter entranceway is not good enough anymore. In create an arena mode, have it so that players can change the location of the entrance ramp in specific arena templates. Another example is this past royal rumble where the entranceway was at an angle from the ring itself. Also, have longer mania ramps.
  • Ability to change camera angles in Royal Rumble matches. I miss the camera facing the entranceway so you could see who comes out next.
  • Can you make it so you can see characters come from guerilla position into their entrances? I do not like seeing them just appear so far away from where they would enter when they do their entrances.
  • Have a road to WrestleMania mode replace My Career.
  • Different pinning animations. I hate the same 2 pinning animations for nearly every pin combo move. Some are unique but add some variety to them. For example, different shoulder positions, different leg hooks, or simple covers that have a chance of happening for most pin combo moves. If you need some clear examples, I will include some photos right under this bullet point. Have it so that if you press the pin combo button and an arrow on the D-pad, it triggers a different pin animation for each D-pad arrow you choose.

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  • Three-way, and maybe even four-way feuds. The games need a switch up from the regular 1v1 universe mode feud system. It’s possible to do three-way or four-way feuds, but you would have to manually book everything that happens yourself, and that gets tiresome. 
  • Created stars get no love from the crowds. In 2k19, and 20, the crowds barely react during entrances for created superstars, and that makes the wrestles we put time into creating feel lesser in the universe mode experience. Fix this, please!
  • Body part selling must become a thing. Matches should include factors for how damaged a body part is. For example, if I damage your leg, and get it to red, you should be limping, receive a speed debuff, a percentage chance that your leg gives out when doing a lifting move, springboard/top rope move, and if you get Irish whipped into a corner, there should be a percentage chance that your leg will give out, and you’ll collapse before making it to the other side. Same for the arm. There should be a chance for you to not be able to continue a match if you have suffered too much head, body, arm, or leg damage. This is already a thing in the game sort of, but just give the player a gameplay slider option to increase or decrease these chances.
  • Promos in various locations would be amazing! Have it so that if you do a self-promotion promo, you can choose to do it in various locations backstage like near the guerilla position, in the locker rooms, catering, the interview area, parking lot, etc. Other locations could be outside the arena, on a sidewalk by the street, in a hotel room, etc.
  • Call out promos should also have some variety. Instead of a face to face, give us the ability to select an option that makes it so that the person called out appears on the titantron.
  • Give us the ability to play a promo as the person being called out, rather than being the person doing the call out.
  • Allow more customization of freedom in the creation suite. As stated in my 2K20 feedback section, the inability to match up a certain gear and articles of clothing with each other is annoying. Also, please do not hide gear behind rank unlocks. Some people don’t play My Career, or online, at all, and to hide clothes behind having to achieve a certain rank feels like you’re forcing players to use a feature they don’t care for, or will struggle to play. 
  • No 2K showcase DLC. The concepts are cool, but just make them arena, and skins packs rather than having to play and complete missions in showcase mode to unlock them. These games have an insane amount of replayability in online, and universe mode alone. No need to pad out the game with DLC updates, especially when it feels like you could have used that time to patch 2K20 instead.
  • GM mode included in Universe mode to some degree. I will provide a link to some tweets that do a much better job at explaining and showing the concept in action than I can as I have never played GM mode. 
  • General fixes to gameplay that makes it less buggy like collision detection, controls, and making created arenas more stable.
  • Bring back being able to do backstage brawls even in a created arena. I am not sure if this is just a bug, but it must be fixed and brought back.
  • Custom songs in create an entrance. You have probably been getting this request for years lol.
  • Make it so that universe mode matches do not get switched around or deleted when you exit universe mode. I have encountered this problem so many times where rivalries I have built up real well end up either being taken off PPV shows or the rivalry gets deleted and it’s just a normal match. Stabilize universe mode.
  • Better commentary, but I turn them off so for me its not a problem, but for others, it might be.
  • Give created superstars more attire slots instead of two and fix the attire selection system. In 2K20, I must make their second attire the default, and then change it in the roster settings so it carries over into universe mode. Too many steps for something so simple.
  • Have created attires for base superstars automatically be an alternate attire rather than having us players go in and make it be an alternate.
  • Managers can be playable in wrestling matches. Its pretty sad knowing that I can wrestle as Drake Maverick or throw Paul Heyman around in a ring for a bit. 

That’s all I have for now. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope that with the ample amount of time they have, that the 2K crew will be able to give us a game on next-gen consoles that fans will love to death.

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