SmackDown Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan & Rowan vs. The Usos

Jeremy: It blows my mind that in 2019 Daniel Bryan is on the pre-show of a PPV. I get they didn’t know he would be healthy in time for the show, but how about you just not book on this show and have a hot angle prepared for him for the next PPV? Pick: Daniel Bryan & Rowan

Caleb: This was a very random addition to the match card. I’ll take the incumbents to retain. Pick: Daniel Bryan & Rowan

Clive: Proof right here that the Brand Split no longer exists! Bryan and Rowan for the victory, before Usos do a program with Revival Pick: Daniel Bryan & Rowan

Murray: A late minute addition to the card, why is a Raw team facing a Smackdown team is beyond me but RIP Brand Split. Pick: Daniel Bryan & Rowan

Ricky: Brand split no longer exists but this should be a real good match. Anything Daniel Bryan touches at the moment turns to gold so I’m expecting a real good reign from Bryan and Rowan. Pick: Daniel Bryan and Rowan

Floyd: SD Live is so devoid of actual tag team competition that they had to bring The Usos over to SD Live. The Usos are here to legitimize Bryan and Rowan. Pick: Daniel Bryan and Rowan

Rich: DANIEL BRYAN IS ON THE PRESHOW?? Go to hell, word to Sami Zayn. Pick: Daniel Bryan and The dude they are protecting because he’s big.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese vs. Ariya Daivari

Jeremy: I’m happy that guys like Cedric, Ali, and “Big Match” Buddy are on the main roster. However, their call ups have left 205 Live shambles. If they’re going to keep 205 going it needs some fresh (talented) faces so we don’t get bums like Daivari in a title match. Pick: Tony Nese

Caleb: Another title retention. Pick: Tony Nese

Clive: Operation Rehab 205 Version 5636 in full effect. Nese’s reign has put in some good matches so far. He’ll hold onto the big purple here. Pick: Tony Nese

Murray: Not the biggest fan of Daivari but I love Nese so hoping he goes over here. Pick: Tony Nese

Ricky: Not expecting a Daivari win here at all, we’re in for a long Tony Nese reign.  Pick: Tony Nese

Floyd: If Daivari wins this match then I’m done with 205 Live. They basically killed the show by taking Cedric Alexander and Buddy Murphy, but Tony Nese seems to be the best of the worst. Pick: Tony Nese

Rich: The title match that happens when literally no one is left. Tony Nese is like the AWA Champion that’s left in the territory after Vince signed away everyone worth a damn. THE 205 LIVE LEGEND DAIVARI SHOCKS THE WORLD. Pick Ariya Daivari

United States Champion Samoa Joe vs. Rey Mysterio

Jeremy: WWE killed my interest in this feud after the 30-second squash at Mania. Adding Dominic to this feud has made much of a difference to me. I’m expecting Dominic to get involved somehow which will end up costing Rey the match. Pick: Samoa Joe

Caleb: Rey will get his first US title win here, but it’s only transitional. Pick: Rey Mysterio

Clive: Rey will win this one, only for the custody of Dom- uhm sorry, the US Title to go back on Joe at some point. Pick: Rey Mysterio

Murray: Weird they are doing a father vs son match… wait it’s Joe oh never mind. Pick: Samoa Joe

Ricky: I can see the title changing hands multiple times between these two over the next couple of months. Pick: Rey Mysterio

Floyd: Looking forward to this match going a little longer this time. I can see this going either way, but I’m going to go with Dom distracting Joe and Rey winning the title. Pick: Rey Mysterio

Rich: Rey Mysterio Junior Junior, I mean Dominic Mysterio is about to go EVIL on his father and then subsequently be bullied into being Samoa Joe’s lackey. Pick: Samoa Joe

Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

WWE Money In The Bank 2019 Preview

Jeremy: A few weeks ago I would have wanted Zayn to win this, but they have literally dumped this man in the trash demonstrating that Zayn is still a geek in Vince’s eyes. I think Andrade is the best option here. Pick: Andrade

Caleb: Late additions happen for a reason. You can make an argument for lots of guys here, but I’ll take the conduit for Vince McMahon. Pick: Sami Zayn

Clive. I see a heel winning this one. Would like to see my fellow Scot go on a tear in the main event scene. Pick: Drew McIntyre

Murray: A lot of guys I cannot wait to see in a ladder match (minus Corbin and Orton) but should be one hell of a match. Pick: Drew McIntyre

Ricky: We’re going to get Almas vs Finn for the IC title down the line so I’m ruling both men out here.  I think it comes down Drew and Sami so I’m going with Sami. Pick: Sami Zayn

Floyd: I think this MITB will be used to set up feuds. I believe Braun makes an appearance and costs Drew setting up their feud. Ali and Orton take each other out. I see Baron Corbin winning for the 2nd time. Pick: Baron Corbin

Rich: Andrade been practicing his English I hear. There’s really no better pick. Pick Andrade

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Jeremy: When in doubt, go with a blonde. I’m going with Mandy winning and cashing in on Becky after one of her title matches. Pick: Mandy Rose

Caleb: A character turn is coming for the winner. She will become a new champion very soon. Pick: Bayley

Murray: with the last minute injury to Alexa putting her out of this match we (at this time) have no clue who it is going to be. Sasha? Nikki? Stephanie McMahon (you know they would if they tried) Pick: Ember Moon

Clive: Nikki Cross’ late addition to the card will be fun to watch in action. She’ll have a good showing, but a babyface is winning this one, readers! Pick: Ember Moon

Ricky: Here we go, this one out of left field and has no real evidence behind my pick: Pick: Sasha Banks

Floyd: I literally have no idea how to pick this one. I am going to go with the person that would never win a title without the MITB. Mandy Rose. Pick: Mandy Rose

Rich :

Last Year: Alexa Bliss Wins After Doing Nothing

This year: We’re only left with FOUR blondes. I’ll play the percentages. Pick Mandy Rose

Raw & SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch vs. Lacey Evans (Raw Women’s Title Match)

Jeremy: Lacey shouldn’t even be in a title match, but here we are. I think Becky will retain and send Lacey back to the kitchen to make some unseasoned chicken. Pick: Becky Lynch

Caleb: Becky retains here with a Disarmer. Pick: Becky Lynch

Clive: I feel Becky’s matches this Sunday are really hard to call. No reasoning behind this one. Pick: Becky Lynch

Murray: Out of the two matches she has I feel that Raw need her more than Smackdown with Sasha AWOL, Bliss being injury prone and no other real main eventers. Pick: Becky Lynch

Ricky: I don’t think Becky leaves with both titles but I think she retains here. Pick: Becky Lynch

Floyd: I think Becky 2 belts takes out Lacey with the disarmer. Lacey will look great in the match. Pick: Becky Lynch

Rich : ::in Lacey Evans’ fake southern accent. I expect a real lady to take a real L. Pick: BEECCCKY Laiynch

The Miz vs. Shane McMahon (Steel Cage Match)

Jeremy: THE BEST IN THE WORLD will dominate the Miz and cruise to an easy victory. Why? Because he is THE BEST IN THE WORLD. Pick: Shane McMahon

Caleb: The blood feud is nearly over, and conventional wisdom says the face wins. Pick: The Miz

Clive: ZZZZZzzZzzzZzzzzz Pick: The Miz

Murray: makes sense they have a rematch but do not really care for this match expect interference by either B-Team or Lashley. Pick: The Miz

Ricky: If the WrestleMania match is anything to go by then expect some big spots and some crazy moments.  Shane will get his comeuppance here. Pick: The Miz

Floyd: This match will be super physical. Neither of these 2 seems to know how to pull punches. I see The Miz and Shane McMahon hanging from the cage and The Miz knocking Shane off. Another fluke victory for The Best in the World. Pick: Shane O’ Mac

Rich: Shane is falling off the cage to “WIN”. Shane of all people is being built up for someone else who if you think about it, you’ll get it in two seconds. Pick: Shane McMahon

Roman Reigns vs. Elias

Jeremy: This seems like a complete waste of Roman Reigns and a complete waste of a PPV match. Pick: Roman Reigns

Caleb: The Big Dog protects the yard. Pick: Roman Reigns

Clive: I’ve enjoyed Roman’s attitude since returning. I expect a fun arse kicking here. Pick: Roman

Murray: Superman Punch. Spear. End of match. See ya, Elias. Pick: Roman Reigns

Ricky: Elias poses no threat to Roman. Pick: Roman Reigns

Floyd: No way Roman loses this match. Pick Roman Reigns

Rich: This doesn’t look like a karaoke bar or an insult comic competition. DA BIG DAWG RIDES and we see his career video package twice a week until 2028. Pick Roman Reigns

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Kevin Owens

Jeremy: Kofimania was a great moment. One thing I’ve learned about this company over the years is they don’t know how to capitalize on great moments. Pick: Kevin Owens

Caleb: Kofi has only had the title for a few weeks. I don’t see a change happening yet. Pick: Kofi Kingston

Clive: This has been the best story in WWE by far since Mania. Kevin Owens has been a master of his craft these last few weeks. But something tells me Kofimania will be a long reign. Pick: Kofi Kingston

Murray: felt that they could have just done Bryan vs Kofi again but rematches are a thing of the past (except it’s not) and after a week of Big O They attack him (Note to self never trust KO) should be a good match none the less. Pick Kofi Kingston

Ricky: Kevin Owens has reminded us what he is and that is arguably the best heel in the company.  I’d maybe have liked the heel turn to be have been done over more time but I can’t complain too much. Expecting a long Kofi reign and his title reign has picked up with a couple of big title defenses on tv. Pick: Kofi Kingston

Floyd: Kofi needs another great match to solidify his reign. KO is the guy to give it to him. This is my pick for match of the night. KO puts Kofi over. Floyd. Pick: Kofi Kingston

Rich: Part of me thinks they had Kofi defend the belt twice so they could take it off him on the next PPV and say, “well we let him defend the belt!” This should main event the show, but it won’t. Kofi rides again. Pick Kofi Kingston

Universal Champion Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles

Jeremy: A couple of years ago I was writing a WWE Fantasy G1 column series. Due to the craziness of life, I was not able to finish the series. My planned finals for the tournament was Rollins vs Styles. It’s about time that this match is happening. I really hope they don’t overbook this and just let these guys wrestle. Pick: Seth Rollins

Caleb: For the same reasons I think Kofi wins, I’ll take Seth here. Pick: Seth Rollins

Clive: Saudi Arabia is just around the corner. Brock Lesnar will break up the match and get his rematch with Seth next month. Pick: No Contest / Seth wins by DQ

Murray: This is the big title match I am curious to see. Both guys are on a good run following Mania and either way on who wins this match should be a banger. Pick: Seth Rollins

Ricky: This is a BIG match and historically both men have had great post WrestleMania feuds and matches and I hope this will be no different. It wouldn’t surprise me if we get an iffy finish to “protect” both guys. Pick: Seth Rollins

Floyd: This should be a great match, but my expectations are so high that there is clearly no way these two can match it. The face of SD Live is here to establish Seth as “The Guy”. Sorry, The Man is currently in use. Seth beats AJ. Pick: Seth Rollins

Rich: If this is less than four stars I’ll be left to assume both of these dudes are washed, they just missed each others best periods, or the main roster is a toxic wasteland where greatness can only be achieved when dudes are so great even WWE can’t stop them like Daniel Bryan. If it gets screwed up by outside interference, throw the promotion away, Double Or Nothing May 25, I’m out. Pick: Seth Rollins

Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair (SmackDown Women’s Title Match)

Jeremy: I’m expecting Becky to pull out the win her too. After barely beating Charlotte I think Mandy will cash in and become champ. Pick: Becky Lynch

Caleb: Becky wins via roll-up here. Huge cash-in potential. Pick: Becky Lynch

Clive: Just like with the Lacey Evans match, this is a complete stab in the dark prediction. Pick: Charlotte Flair

Murray: As mentioned in my Raw women’s title match Raw needs Becky more than Smackdown with them having Charlotte, Bayley as well good wrestlers like Asuka, Kairi, and Ember. You could do a cash in which would be interesting. Pick: Charlotte Flair

Ricky: I think this is the culmination of a 9-month feud between these 2 and it ends with Becky on her back with Charlotte holding the title up high.  This could be a potential cash in spot also. Pick: Charlotte

Floyd: I think Becky completes the sweep and beats Charlotte. I also have the MITB winner cashing in on her after the 2nd match: Pick: Becky Lynch

Rich: I no longer care about this feud. 10 times in under a calendar year? Even Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler think this is too much. Becky rides again. Pick: Becky Lynch

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