WWE Night of Champions 2015 Predictions

by Sep 18, 20150 comments

Night of Champions 2015 is here! All the championships are up for grabs and I think we’ll be seeing a few title changes. Here are my predictions.

Lucha Dragons & Neville vs. Cosmic Wasteland


source: wwe.com

The Pre-Show will kick things off with Neville and the Lucha Dragons taking on Cosmic Wasteland. I really like the idea of making the Ascension Stardust’s minions. This could be the thing that can bring the Ascension to relevance on the main roster. This will also add another layer to Stardust’s character and help give him some steam after losing the feud with the Green Arrow. I don’t see this going any other way than Cosmic Wasteland picking up the win.

WWE United States Title
Seth Rollins vs. John Cena


source: wwe.com

There has been a rumor that this match will end the show, but I have a feeling it’s going to open the show. Cena and Rollins have put on some stellar matches this year and this should be no difference. I’m going with Cena winning this one mainly because I want to see the return of the weekly Cena Open Challenges.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev


source: wwe.com

I’m so over this rivalry. I feel both men could be utilized better and should be involved in a storyline of more importance. Ziggler seems to be driving a wedge between Summer and Ru Ru. I see Summer somehow costing Rusev the match. Hopefully, this is the blow off and both these guys can go their separate way.

WWE Tag Titles
New Day vs. Dudley Boys


source: wwe.com

The New Day is the hottest act in WWE right now. Everything they do is brilliant and hilarious. It’s hard not to be entertained by this trio. I walk around my house doing the “New Day Rocks” clap. They are slowing shifting from heels to babyfaces. This can be easily be stopped if they incorporate some heel nuances into their work. Working with the Dudleys will also help them get a heel reaction. I’m happy the Dudleys are back. With their passion for tag team wrestling, we could possibly see a Tag Team Revolution. It looks like at some point the Dudleys will win the belts so they can accomplish their 10th WWE Tag Championship win. I don’t think that should happen here. I think there is more intrigue in watching the Dudleys chasing New Day. I think New Day wins via disqualification. This should set up a tables match at Hell In A Cell next month.

WWE Intercontinental Title
Ryback vs. Kevin Owens


source: wwe.com

I’m a Ryback guy. There I said it. I’m a fan of the Big Guy. I was hoping the Daniel Byran rub and the Intercontinental title was going to help elevate Ryback, but due to a lack of quality opponents and the staph infection, he really hasn’t been able to do much. Owens has been doing a great job at whatever has been thrown his way. As much I want to see Ryback be pushed, Owens should win here. Having the Intercontinental title will give Owens a platform to have more high profile matches.

WWE Divas Title
Nikki Bella vs. Charlotte


source: wwe.com

On Monday night, the internet erupted with hate as Nikki Bella broke AJ Lee’s record for the longest reigning Diva’s Champion. All these haters don’t realize they’re being WORKED! Nikki is not the best in ring wrestler, but she has decent matches. Her heel persona makes up for what she lacks in the ring. People seem to forget that the main concept of Pro Wrestling is good vs. evil. Nikki has done a tremendous job being the evil of the Diva’s Division and generating heat. Nikki winning on Monday makes you want to see her get beat even more at Night of Champions. For the rematch, the stipulation has been set that if Nikki loses via disqualification or count out she will lose the title. I can see Charlotte winning this match, but I can also see them pulling the trigger on Paige’s heel turn and have her cost Charlotte the title. If Charlotte wins, I can also see a scenario where Stephanie McMahon immediately makes Charlotte defend her title against Sasha Banks since she’s won like 3 matches in a row against Paige. Many possibilities for the outcome, but I think I’ll go with Charlotte winning. Maybe Paige will attack her during the celebration.

Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, & ??? vs. The Wyatt Family


source: wwe.com

The big question going into this match is who will be the third man to join Ambrose and Reigns? There have been rumors of Erick Rowan and Baron Corbin. Both of those would be horrible choices. From what I’ve seen Rowan is still rehabbing. Corbin is one of the top heels in NXT right now and also they run the chance of the crowd in Houston not knowing who Corbin is. I’m praying and hoping that the third man is Daniel Bryan. He’s been cleared by his doctor, but not WWE doctors. Bryan would get a huge pop and bring more excitement to this match. No matter who the third man is I think Ambrose and Reigns will get the win here. Then they could do a six man tag inside Hell In A Cell next month for the blow off.

WWE World Heavyweight Title
Seth Rollins vs. Sting


source: wwe.com

This match should be the main event and Rollins second match of the night. With it being Rollins second match. I can see him pulling every trick out of his book to try to retain. This could mean the return of Kane and J&J Security. No matter what Rollins does it think it will fail and Sting will make history and become WWE Champion for the first time. His title celebration will be probably cut short with Sheamus cashing in his Money in the Bank. I will be very surprised if Rollins or Sting leaves with the WWE Championship.

What is your Night of Champions 2015 Predictions?



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