With WWE 2K18 set for major release on 10/17/2017, a number of new characters and situations have been made possible, and it is all up to our creative minds as gamers to pull them off. We’ve all seen the trophies given for certain accomplishments, so what I’ve decided to do is create my own list of things to do over the next year to get me through the times Universe mode seems repetitive or I’m stuck fighting the same guy in My Career. Let me know what you will be trying to accomplish this year.

  1. Defeat Jinder Mahal For The WWE Championship with AJ Styles via the change champion menu.
  2. Choose Bobby Roode to see his entrance, quit the match, and do it again.
  3. Download all New Japan Characters & Belts.
  4. Book Brock Lesnar to wrestle on Raw & Smackdown.
  5. Headline WrestleMania with 2 current generation stars.
  6. Book Drew McIntyre vs Roman Reigns in a long hair dream match.
  7. Beat Enzo Amore in a 3 on 1 Handicap Match using – Braun Strowman and The Authors of Pain.
  8. Throw Mick Foley off Hell in a Cell, (its tradition.)
  9. Clear Daniel Bryan, and restart the Yes Movement for his eventual showdown with Roman Reigns.
  10. Make Wrestlemania a Two Day Event
  11. Completely fix the character ratings. Roman Reigns isn’t the greatest wrestler of all-time, sorry WWE.
  12. Cedric Alexander vs Neville to stop Virtual Neville from walking out of WWE.
  13. I’ll successfully make stars out of NXT Call Ups, Johnny Gargano, Aleister Black, and Drew McIntyre.
  14. Restore the women’s division back to the glory days of 2014-2016, and have them Main Event a Wrestlemania.
  15. Download The Singh Bros, jump Jinder Mahal with them, and make them WWE’s true stars for India.
  16. Choose Braun Strowman and equip him with Shinsuke Nakamura’s entrance where he dances like a joog.
  17. Goldust Nostalgia run like every year.
  18. Wrestle Barron Blade 50 weeks in a row in My Career if he’s brought back.
  19. Never lose a match when told to on My Career, I don’t do jobs.
  20. Give The Young Bucks The DX Entrance, and change all their main strikes to Superkicks. To hell with psychology.
  21. Download a GFW arena/show, but not fill it with actual talent or give them a TV day on the calendar.
  22. Kurt Angle vs every great worker.
  23. Form a Stable led by The Undertaker that is full of dead wrestlers called, The Deadmen. Brian Pillman, Eddie Guerrero, Dusty Rhodes, & Randy Savage will fill out the group.
  24. Unretire Ric Flair and win Money in the Bank. After John Cena wins his 17thchampionship at some point, cash in on him immediately and turn the WWE Championship into the Big Gold Belt.
  25. Change Dolph Ziggler’s entrance music to silence to reflect reality.
  26. Book Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles, because it’s Oct 2017 and WWE seems allergic to that match.
  27. Book Seth Rollins vs Elias. Mirror Match
  28. Give Bret Hart the No Way Jose entrance, and bring him some joy.
  29. Attempt to defeat Sin Cara in a backstage brawl on Legend.
  30. Fix Roman Reigns crowd reaction that is currently set to, “Cheer.”
  31. Add Elias to the All-Jeans Survivor Series team consisting of DDP, Dean Ambrose, and Luke Harper.
  32. Attempt to eliminate Bushwacker Luke immediately from a Royal Rumble match on sight.
  33. Robert Gibson & Ricky Morton vs The Revival
  34. R- Truth WWE Championship run. Look at real life…why not?
  35. The Aleister Black & Ministry Undertaker tag team championship run & subsequent feud.
  36. Hoss Division Money In The Bank – Lars Sullivan, Braun Strowman, Mark Henry, Big Show, Earthquake, & Andre The Giant.
  37. We’re dressed like SWAT: Roman Reigns, Big Boss Man & The Authors of Pain.
  38. The Actual Cops: Big Boss Man, The Fashion Police & The Mountie. (I’ll download him since he isn’t on the roster.
  39. Attempt to wrestle against Alexa Bliss in a match over 3 stars.
  40. Book a Roderick Strong & Ricky Steamboat vs Ric Flair & Bobby Roode tag team feud.
  41. Absolutely brutalize TJP if he attempts to Dab on me like it’s 2015.


*Photo Via The Smackdown Hotel

Rich Latta is a Senior Contributor to SocialSuplex.com and Host of the One Nation Radio Wrestling Podcast. He lives in an alternate timeline where Stone Cold never interrupted The Undertaker and Stephanie McMahon’s dark wedding. Send him a tweet @RichLatta32 or drop a comment below.

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